How to Use for In-Store Printing stands as a beacon of modern digital-print solutions, promising quick turnaround times and high-quality print products. This platform is designed to deliver expert service for both standard and same-day print options, including an expansive range of marketing services orders at competitive prices.

Overview of Services

The platform emerges as a pinnacle of convenience in the realm of printing services, offering a vast array of options for both personal and professional needs. With staples printme, users gain access to a user-friendly interface where they can upload documents, customize printing options, and select from a variety of paper types and finishes to ensure their project’s success.

Whether it’s for crafting compelling marketing materials or printing essential business documents, stands ready to deliver high-quality results. The service prides itself on its efficiency, allowing for quick turnarounds that cater to the fast-paced demands of modern business operations. Through staples printme, customers experience the epitome of printing convenience, underscored by reliability and superior service quality.

The Convenience of Remote Printing Solutions

Harnessing the power of remote printing solutions means benefiting from same-day service for select products, complemented by free delivery for standard pickup orders. This service is especially valuable for time-sensitive print jobs, offering same-day standard pickup for orders placed a half-hour before store closing.

Benefits of Remote Printing Services
1. Convenience of Printing Anytime, Anywhere
2. Quick Turnaround Times for Urgent Print Jobs
3. Access to Advanced Printing Technology
4. Reduced Need for In-House Printing Equipment
5. Cost-Effectiveness and Reduced Waste
6. Easy Management and Tracking of Print Orders

How to Get Started with

Initiating your print journey with involves a simple process. With no need for applications, you can easily send documents for printing directly from your desktop PC or via the internet, ensuring a seamless transition from digital to physical. You can also customize your print jobs by choosing from a variety of paper types and finishing options. Staples’ printing services are fast, reliable, and cost-effective.

  • Start your project from anywhere and finish it in store. Just follow these 3 simple steps:  
  • Email your documents to and look out for a confirmation email. 

printme at staples

  • While in store, head to a self-service printer. Select Print, then Email on the touch screen. 
  • Enter or scan your 8-digit confirmation barcode from your email and print. 

How to Create a Staples Account

Creating a Staples account unlocks a suite of business solutions, including access to same-day express pickup for limited quantity orders and the ability to track product quantity and pickup times. Registering provides full details of marketing services and same-day options, making it a cornerstone for those requiring full-service printing.  Follow these instructions on creating a Staples account:

  • Visit
  • At the top right of the screen click the Account button

staples printme

  • Click Register

Enter the following details:

  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Password
  • Click the red Create Account button

printme staples email

How to Locate Your Nearest Staples Store for Pickup

After your print job is complete, standard pickup times and express pickup orders can be managed through visiting This platform provides a complete list of locations equipped with kiosks and self-serve printers for quick and easy collection.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

For any issues, from navigating the website to using a coupon code at the checkout counters, Staples’ print experts are on hand. They offer guidance on everything from faxing with fax machines to scanning documents, ensuring your experience is hassle-free.

When you arrive at Staples to pickup your order, any questions you may have can be addressed directly with the Staples print staff.

Contacting Staples Print Services Customer Service

Staples Print Services Customer Service is dedicated to providing affordable prices and expert advice for your print purchase. Whether it’s for high-quality marketing materials or everyday printing needs, their team guarantees a big promise of satisfaction. For assistance, including inquiries about rewards points or curbside pickup, the expert team is ready to help. redefines the printing experience with its full-service printing and marketing services, ensuring that every print job, from simple print tasks to complex marketing services orders, meets the highest standards of quality at affordable prices.

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