– Login to Blue Apron

Blue Apron customers can login and manage their online account by visiting  Go ahead and bookmark the login page so you don’t have to type it in every time.

Blue Apron Login

Blue Apron, a nationwide subscription meal service, offers their customer all the right ingredients to create a delicious meal.  Each of their meals are chef inspired that are delivered right to your door with recipes showing you how to cook up a fancy meal.  Blue Apron has meal planning for a 2-person family or for a family of 4.

Login to Blue Apron Account

Current customers can access their blue apron account sign in from a couple of ways.  At the homepage of their website at the upper right hand corner of the site there is a login button.  Customers can select the login button and then enter their email and password to sign on to their account.

The second option to sign on to your Blue Apron account is to go directly to the sign on screen using the link  The link can be easily remembered by simply bookmarking it in your browser so you can one click link to the site.

View My Account Balance

Once you login Blue Apron customers can view all of their account data.  To check your remaining balance and how much you owe navigate to the Delivery Schedule tab and hover your mouse over the “I” to the right of your next scheduled delivery date.  Your next scheduled delivery date will be highlighted by a green circle with a check mark.  The “Order Total” will reflect the remaining balance you owe which will be deducted from your credit card.

Users can also view their past balances and view past orders by selecting “Welcome” and then select “Delivery History.”  All of your past orders will be listed in date order which will scroll and automatically populate.

Update Your Account Information

To make changes to your account information users can navigate to the “Account Settings” section and then select “Edit” to make any necessary changes to their personal information and then save those changes.  All updates in order to take effect need to be done prior to the “Changeable By” date that is reflected in the Account Settings section.

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