16kweekly – Make Money From Home

If you have the desire to earn money from home or learn how to earn a side income the 16kweekly website is an avenue that will teach you the skills to build your own online business.  

To start off you only need to watch a few videos they have designated for newbies and you can decide to continue with the program or not.

What is 16kweekly.com?

According to the website www.16kweekly.com is advertising a system that will allow you to make $7,000 per month or more online.  The system is called the Prosperity Warrior War Map that you can have access to by simply registering with your email.  To get started you can follow these basic steps:

  • Visit www.16kweekly.com
  • Click the orange “Get Instant Free Access Here Now” button


  • Enter your email address
  • Click the red “Let Me In Now” button

After entering in your email address you will be required to watch a short 5 minimum video

The 16kweekly.com video gives instruction for anyone interested in making at least 3-5 high ticket sales per month.  You will receive personal coaching and a done for you system

16kWeekly Prosperity Warrior War Map

The done for you system is called The Prosperity Warrior War Map that you will receive once you leave your email

The Prosperity Warrior War Map is simple to understand, follow, and can become very profitable.  If you leave your email you will receive 3 videos that will explain the business model for free

If you like the 16kweekly.com system you can speak with someone on the phone and receive instruction on how you can take part in the business

The good thing is there is no high pressure to get you to join.  If you do not like what is offered you can simply log out of the website and never return.

How 16kWeekly Works?

If you are interested leave your email and you will register yourself and an email will be sent to you that will give you access to the 3 videos

If you are interested click the red Click Here Now to Partner Directly With Me button

The next page is a 3 step process that asks these 3 questions:

How did you hear about us?

Your access information?

Get Access Now

You can take action with the 16kweekly program and see if it can produce some side income or replace your current job.  It’s like a business in a box and you will have your own personal mentors to help you along the way.



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