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The American Express Reward Card is a popular rewards card item given from businesses to employees or business to consumer.  The amexrewardcard has a prepaid dollar amount on it and can be used for a variety of purchases including online and in-store.  

To get started using your Amex Reward Card the very first step after receiving one is to activate the card.  Once your card is activated you can begin making purchases and utilizing the online and phone service to manage your account.

American Express Reward Card Activation Steps

To properly activate your new amexrewardcard you will need to visit the online website or call their toll free phone number.

  • Visit www.amexrewardcard.com
  • Enter your 15 digit card number
  • Enter your expiration date (MM/YY)
  • Enter your 4 digit security code located on the front of your card
  • Click the blue Sign In button


To activate your card by phone you will need to call 1-833-249-6098 and enter the same information that is required to sign into your online account.  

American Express Reward Card Check Balance

Once a cardholder is signed in to their account or if they decide to use the toll free phone number option they can access their account information.  Both options will allow users to find out their card balance, recent transactions, and past transactions.

These features are accessible by mobile devices, home computer, or public computer.  Cardholders that are on the go can use their smartphone to call or sign in to their account.  Account information is available day or night.

american express reward card activation

Amexrewardcard Customer Service

Any problems or concerns cardholders may experience with their card can be directed to the Amex customer service department via 1-833-249-6098.  If you have a stolen or lost card call customer service and have handy your card information.

Write To:

American Express Reward Card Customer Card

PO Box 826

Fortson, GA  31808

There are a host of question and answers found in the Help section of the www.amexrewardcard.com website so be sure to check that out.

Card Highlights

  • Card is safer than cash
  • Replaceable if lost or stolen
  • Access your balance any time
  • Use online or in-store
  • Widely accepted




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