www.citi.com/lovecitisimplicity – Apply for the Citi Simplicity Card

If you received an invitation in the mail to apply for a Citi Simplicity credit card you can get started with the application process in 3 ways:

  • By phone
  • Online
  • Complete paper application and mail back

How to Apply for Citi Love Simplicity Online

Applying for the Citi Simplicity Mastercard online is the fastest option available to consumers to getting approved and your card mailed out to you.  If you have your offer letter that was mailed to you here is how you can get started:


Be prepared to complete the rest of the application process requiring you to enter personal details such as:

  • Address
  • Email address
  • Social security number
  • Employer
  • Annual salary
  • Occupation
  • Mortgage or rent amount

When you finish the citi.com/lovecitisimplicity application process and click Submit simply wait a few seconds to receive an instant decision.  Applying online offers applicants an instant decision while the other application routes take longer.

If you are accepted for a Citi Love Simplicity credit card you will be extended a credit limit and your new card mailed to your address.

How to Apply For Citi Simplicity By Phone

For consumers that are more interested in applying for the card by phone speaking with a customer service representative rather than applying online at citi.com/lovecitisimplicity you can call the toll free number below:

  • Call 1-800-492-2127

How to Apply For Citi Simplicity By Mail

Applying by mail is very simple, requiring users to complete the paper application sent in the mail and mailing it back in the self addressed envelope.  This is the slowest process in the application process meaning you won’t hear back for at least 5 days if you are approved or not.

Credit Card Terms

Aimed for consumers with good to excellent credit

0% intro rate for 21 months on balance transfers and purchases

14.99% to 24.99% variable regular APR

$0 annual fee

No penalty rate

No late fees

The only downside to the Citi Simplicity credit card is it does not allow cardholders to earn rewards.