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If you want to stay ahead of everyone else and avoid financial ruin when the next global crisis hits then you’ll need to have insight that others don’t have.  You need to know how to protect your investments in the event of another stock market or real estate collapse.  Not everyone suffers when calamity hits, the ones that weather the storm the best have access to intel that prepares them in advance for when the worst hits.

The intel that I’m referring to is the Bill Bonner Letter.  The Bill Bonner Letter is a series of digital reports that will inform you of current global trends that you’ll need to know how to respond to in order to protect your investments and make great financial decisions.  Inside the letter you will receive access to 5 exclusive reports entitled:

  • The Great American Credit Collapse
  • The Crisis Money Guide – The “Money” You Need to Have in Times of Crisis
  • How to Get Your Own Bolthole on the Cheap
  • The Best Business in the Worst of Times
  • The Smartest Move You Can Make in the Age of Dying Credit
  • A copy of the book Hormegeddon

Also included in the package is a 12 month pass to the Bonner Letter which is an intelligence briefing on the current state of the economy and what to pay attention to or avoid.  You will also receive a daily market commentary called the Bill Bonner Diary that will share market trends that could possibly affect your portfolio.

Bill Bonner is the president of Agora Inc., owner of America’s largest network of independent news and research publishers, with publications reaching more than 2 million paid subscribers.  To learn more about this offer visit (www.strangewarning.com).

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