– Pay Your Fortiva Loan Bill

Fortiva Servicing customers can login to their online account at to pay their bill online, check their account balance, or update their contact information.  The site is accessible to customers via an internet connection and a web browser.

Fortiva Credit Card Login

Fortiva Financial customers can utilize the online service to access their account and manage all of their account information.  Inside their online account they can perform functions allowing them to bypass calling customer service when they need information concerning their account and not rely on paper billing statements to arrive in the mail on a monthly basis.  All of their account information is up to date and always ready for review when they login online.

The first step to managing your online account is to sign up as a first time user.  The process can begin by visiting Fortiva Retail Credit and selecting the “New user sign up” link at the top right of the page.  Complete the registration process and create a User ID and password which will be used to access your account directly from any computer or mobile device that has internet connectivity.  The online service is great for customers who are on the go and want to check their account information.

Fortiva Servicing Payment

After setting up your online Fortiva Servicing account customers can begin managing their own account and making any necessary changes such as their personal profile (name, address, or email address). Concerning billing statements users can simply sign on to their account and all their billing statement information is available on display.  Statements are mailed once a month but you can receive the same information by logging into your account on a regular basis.

When it’s time to make a Fortiva payment users can submit a payment from inside their account.  They can setup their personal bank account information to be electronically debited manually every month or for an automatic draft to be established on a certain day of each month.  Making payments online is a convenience for customers because it’s fast and payments are posted to their account the same day while other traditional payment methods take more time, more effort, and require waiting in line.  With the online service users can make a Fortiva Servicing payment 24 hours a day with no delay.

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