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Saks Fifth Avenue employees can access the Saks Fifth Avenue Employee portal at  The Saks Self-Service System is an online portal for Saks Fifth Avenue employees to access their payroll, benefits, and for employees who earn commissions to view their commission’s information as well.  From the site employee’s can access which particular service they want to view and are directed to the actual login screen where they can access that particular information.

Accessing Saks S4 Employee Portal

For each service a username and password is needed to login to your individual account.  If you are not aware of your Saks employee payroll login credentials please speak with your supervisor or someone in the Human Resources department.  After receiving this information you will be able to login to your account anytime of the day to review your company information.

With payroll services employees can review their current payroll status including hours worked and pay data.  There is also the option to review past payroll periods just in case you need to research your hours.  Employees can make edits to their payroll information such as change their address, update their W-4 tax information, etc.  The option to print payroll checks is another feature available through payroll services.

Associates SaksInc

The Saks Employee Benefit Services is the direct link for employees to elect their current year benefits especially for new hires and for all employees during Open Enrollment.  Employees can make their decisions on the type of coverage they want to select and utilize the online resources provided when they need to connect with third party vendors.

The Virtual Career Center is a one stop shop for employees to review current open positions within the company that they can apply for.  If you are looking to move up in the company be sure to make the virtual career center a place you visit on a regular basis to stay abreast on all current job openings.




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