Check Marta Breeze Card Balance and Customer Service

Maintaining your MARTA Breeze Card balance couldn’t be easier. There are several ways to check the balance on a Marta Breeze card which are all simple and easy to do.  Whether you’re checking your balance, signing up for balance protection, or even getting a refund, we’ve got the answer for you. 

How to Check Marta Card Balance Online

You can check your balance online quickly. Upon creating an account on, visit your Breeze Balance page. On that page, you’ll find all the fares loaded onto your card, as well as any extra cards you’ve purchased. Changing anything from there is as easy as clicking a few buttons.

marta breeze card balance

You should be logged in to see your card balance and card activity.

How to Check Your Breezecard Balance by Phone

You can also monitor your balance by phone if you’re not able to check online. Have your card ready and call customer service at the following info:

Customer Service

(404) 848-5000

Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. M-F

Closed Saturday, Sundays and some Holidays

How to Check Marta Balance in Person

Check Marta Breeze Card Balance and Customer Service

You can check your marta breeze card balance at every Breeze Vending Machine and MARTA RideStore. You can double-check your balance at a station by inserting your card into one of the machines and following the instructions.

The Importance of Balance Protection

What is Balance Protection?

If your card is lost or stolen, Breeze’s Balance Protection Program protects its value. At the time you notify MARTA, we will transfer the balance to the new card you obtain. No one will be able to use your old card after we cancel it. Your balance protection program is free, but you must activate it by calling 404-848-5000.

Call to activate your card between the hours of 8am to 5pm Monday – Friday.

Check Marta Breeze Card Balance and Customer Service

What to do if your card is lost or stolen?

As soon as you notice your card missing, call 404-848-5000 if you have enrolled in the balance protection program.  Your old card will be canceled and the remaining value will be transferred to the new card you obtain. Without the balance protection program, we cannot deactivate your old card nor transfer remaining balances.

Can I get a refund on MARTA Breeze card?

If you have a refundable fare type, you may be eligible for a refund of your unused MARTA Breeze Card balance. You can request a refund by mail or in person at any MARTA station.

You must first go to the MARTA Breeze Customer Service Office and fill out a Card Balance Refund form which can be found on the MARTA website. Once you have filled out the form and submitted it to a customer service representative, they will be able to assist you with the refund process. 

Overall, understanding the MARTA Breeze Card including the marta breeze card balance and how it works is an important part of using public transportation. Whether you are a new rider or an experienced one, understanding the system will help ensure that you are able to use your card safely and efficiently.


marta breeze card balance

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