Check MyHopcard Balance and Paying Options

Individuals that ride public transportation via the C-Tran, TriMet, or Portland Streetcar can take advantage of the benefits of the HOP Card.  Sure you can still pay using cash but a better way is via the Hop Card which allows users to save money earning a day or month pass. – How to Get Started with a Hop Card

There are 2 ways customers can get a Hop Card: grocery stores in the Portland metro area or  download the app.

How to Register Your Hop Card Online

After you have your Hop Card the next step is registering for an online account:

***registration links located at the top and middle of the page

  • Under Create a Hop Account enter the following info:
  • Email address
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Setup security question/answer
  • Create login credentials
  • Check the terms and conditions
  • Click the gray Create Account button

How to Login My Hop Card


Enter your email address and password

Click the blue Sign In button

Check Balance

Visit myhopcard

Click the CHECK BALANCE link at the top of the homepage

Enter your 16 digit Hop Card number and security code

Click the Check Balance / Time Remaining button

The benefit in registering for an online account is in case you purchased an actual card from a store and funded it, having an online account will protect your funds in case your card is stolen or lost.  

Via your online account you also have the option to reload your card including setting up Auto-Load.  

Benefits of the Card

Hop Fastpass is your new ticket to ride the following services:

  • C-Tran
  • TriMet
  • Portland Streetcar

As you ride you earn passes

Take 2 trips in a day to get a day pass

When you have reached the cost of a month pass you’ll ride free until next month

Reload anywhere using the website, app, or phone hotline

Activate Auto-Load and your account will be funded automatically

Can top up with cash at 500+ local retailers

Register to get lost card protection

No bank account required

Pay with cash

How to Use MyHopCard 

Boarding the bus or train is now super easy

Tap your Hop card on the reader and go


Can even use your phone to tap

How to Pay With A Hop Card

Pay Using Your Phone

If you have a mobile wallet via Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay you can pay your fare using the credit card or debit option

Earn month passes and use Adult, Honored citizen or Youth fares with a virtual Hop card in Apple Pay or Google Pay

Phone Use Instructions

Tap your phone on the green Hop reader to securely pay an Adult fare using a credit/debit card in your mobile wallet

Earn a day pass after spending $5 in a day

No app or plastic card required

How to Pay With a Virtual Hop Card

Download the Hop app to get a virtual Hop card (requires $3 card fee)

Use Adult, Honored Citizen and Youth fares

Earn a day pass after spending $5 (Adult) or $2.50 (Honored Citizen/Youth) in a day

Earn a month pass after spending $100 (adult) or $28 (Honored Citizen/Youth) in a calendar month

Reload in checkout or use the Hop website, app, or phone hotline

No bank account, credit card, internet, or smartphone required


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