activate card – Member Portal for OTC Card

OTC cardholders that have received their Visa debit OTC card in the mail can activate their card using the activate card webpage.  After activating the card the next step should be to register for an online account as the mybenefitscenter website is a one stop shop for managing your member information and card details. … Read more activate – Check Your Gift Card Balance

American Express has a webpage dedicated for American Express gift card holders who need to activate their card available at activate.  If you’ve recently been given a gift card and would like to activate it so you can spend the funds deposited on the card you can follow this guide on how to activate … Read more mc – Credit Card Activation

Merrick Bank customers that have received their new credit card in the mail before using it to make purchases will first need to activate their card.  There are a few ways individuals can activate their card which are by phone, online, or via the Merrick Bank mobile app. How to Activate My Merrick Bank Credit … Read more

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