Access Connect Florida Reemployment Assistance

Connect, Florida’s Reemployment Assistance web-based claims management system available online at ( is where Floridians can visit to apply for benefits, check on the status of their filed claims, and communicate back and forth between DEO staff.  The site is a resource for claimants, employers, and third party users.

Any unemployed person needing to file for unemployment insurance from their previous employer can visit ( from any computer that has internet access.  The site is accessible 24 hours a day and users can file a claim for unemployment insurance from Florida’s Connect claims system.  When filing to claim your benefits it is necessary to have the following information handy for entering:

  • Social security number
  • Driver’s license or State ID number
  • Your previous employer(s) for the past 18 months (for each employer you will need to enter the employer contact information, dates started and ended work, gross earnings, separation reason, FEIN number

It is necessary to have the appropriate information needed to file your claim otherwise you will create delays in the processing of your unemployment benefits.  Make sure you read the FAQ section with a link posted at the bottom of the Connect login page to review details.

Claimants who have already filed for unemployment Florida Reemployment Assistance can utilize their social security number and PIN number to reenter the system.  Once in the system users will be able to update their personal info, view claim status, view payments, update payment information, respond to requests for information, file appeals, view overpayment balances, etc.

Benefit claims are effective the Sunday of each week.  The first week a claim is processed is called a waiting week or unpaid week in which claimants do not receive any funds.  Funds are given the following week according to state law.

To learn more about the Florida Reemployment Assistance program that is accessible through CONNECT  visitors should type in their browser ( to gather more information.

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