credit limit increase citi – Ask For Citi Credit Limit Increase

credit limit increase citi – Ask For Citi Credit Limit Increase

Citi cardmembers can increase their credit limit by visiting  From time to time Citi will send out mailers to their customers inviting them to increase their credit limit OR cardholders can voluntarily visit the website and request for an increase.  

Either way this is a viable option available to members when they need to add more dollars to their credit card spending.

The good thing about requesting an increase via the Citibank increase credit limit website is there is no charge for making the request and there won’t be any hard inquiries going against your credit.  You will instead receive a soft pull credit check.  

This is a plus for Citi cardholders as they won’t be apprehensive when it comes to asking for an increase because they know their credit won’t be affected and it’s an easy process to complete.  

Visit To Get Started

To get started with the process of asking for an increase visit  

When visiting your Citi credit card login you will need to access your account.  

Enter your User ID and Password. Follow the steps below to properly request for an increase:

  • Across your dashboard hover over the Services tab and select the Credit Card Services link
  • Look for the Card Management section and in that section click the Request a Credit Limit Increase link
  • Under the Credit Limit Increase Request header select an account you want to make your request to – you will need to enter your total annual income and monthly mortgage/rent payment in the Personal Information section – click Continue
  • Confirm your information entered and click Continue to submit your request
  • After entering in everything you should expect to receive an instant decision detailing your acceptance or denial

At the website you will need to apply directly via the online application process or download the Credit Limit Increase Form that is stored on the website in PDF form.  You can simply print the form out, complete the application, and mail it or fax to the address information indicated on the form.

The process for mailing can take up to 7 days before processing completes and faxing can take up to a couple days as well.  The fastest and most convenient way to ask for an increase is simply applying directly from the website.  

At the end of the online application process you will receive an instant decision which is much better than waiting up to 7 days for a response.

When applying you will need to fill in some personal details such as your salary, rent/mortgage amounts, Citibank credit card account number, employer name, length of employment, etc.  Have this information handy as you’re completing the application.

How To Increase Citi Credit Card Limit


The most popular and perhaps convenient option for customers is via their online account.  

They can accomplish this task in a few minutes and it’s an instant process at the online site (

For customers that aren’t online there are 2 other traditional options that can be considered.

Automatic Credit Limit Increase

Most cardholders probably wonder “will citi automatically raise your limit” and the answer is yes.  Customers are very familiar with credit card companies that automatically increase their limit thus sending out a notification in their email or whenever they login to their account they notice that their credit limit has been increased.  They didn’t ask for it, it was automatically done.

Many times what causes these types of increases to occur is a cardholder maintaining their account in good standing.  They don’t have late pays and consistently pay their bills more than the minimum amount.

Citi Credit Line Increase By Phone

Customer Service is still available for those cardholders that want to speak with someone.  You can easily look for the phone number on the back of your credit card and call.

Ask them you want to increase your credit line and see if they’ll assist you.  They can give you an approval or denial over the phone and if you are denied they’ll give you reasons why.

Be sure to have your financial information and any account information handy when speaking with Customer Service.

Citibank Increase Credit Limit – Documents Required

When mailing in or faxing for your Citibank credit card limit increase request application there are certain documents that are needed to be sent with your application.  

For salaried individuals you will need to submit your past 2 months pay statements OR latest income tax return.  Self employed individuals will need to submit their last 2 years income tax returns.

Depending on your income documents figures, if your income has fluctuated up or down your credit limit will be adjusted accordingly.  Cardholders can also request a Citibank temporary credit limit increase from inside your online account.

If you’re interested in increasing your Citibank credit card line of credit the most convenient route is via