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MSNBC is experimenting with the website www.electionconfessions.com that allows Americans who are concerned about the upcoming Presidential election and the current candidates that are running from the Democratic and Republican parties to share their thoughts and opinions on the election and the current state of America.  This is an opportunity for anyone to respond and give input along with many others about their true feelings concerning our Presidential election.

MSNBC Election Confessions

When you visit the website Election Confessions Blog you will notice there’s already a collection of confession letters that have been sent in and are on display for everyone to read.  Visitors can read each letter and continue scrolling down the page to read more letters that have been submitted.  There are perhaps hundreds of letters that are on display so you can take your time to read them all if you’d like.

The Election Confessions official website provides visitors with 3 ways to contribute to the online experiment.  They can contribute by sharing their confession by phone, text, or by picture.  When calling by phone visitors will need to leave their confession via voicemail.  The phone number to call is 1-424-353-2016.  The same number can be used to submit your confession by text.  Just write out your text message and send it to 1-424-353-2016.  The last way to send your confession is by writing out your confession on paper, take a picture of it, then text it to the same number.

For visitors who are concerned about their identity, the only information about you that will be shared at MSNBC Election Confessions is your age, location, and party affiliation.  All of your other personal information such as your name and phone number will not be included or shared anywhere.  The letters that are sent in to MSNBC will be shared on the website or on their other online properties such as NBC Universal, social media accounts, possibly televised, in ads, etc.

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