glance intuit remote – Access and Join Session

glance intuit remote – Access and Join Session

TurboTax customers that have questions or need assistance with using their TurboTax software can receive one on one help from a TurboTax expert via Glance Networks online.  

The online service allows TurboTax experts to remotely share the computer screen of a customer and answer questions or see what’s hanging them up with the software.

Glance Intuit Download – Getting Started

Turbotax experts will direct customers to the following website to download and install the Glance Network program so they can share their screen:

Your Turbotax agent should prompt you to that website and also offer a session number for you to join in with them.

As soon as you visit the website the Glance download (GlanceGuestSetup program) will begin downloading to your computer which you’ll need to install.

After it finishes downloading you can find it in your Downloads folder, click for installation.

Follow the steps to properly install it so your Turbotax expert can remotely access your screen.

How to Troubleshoot Glance Intuit Download

If you’re experiencing problems with the software or with setting it up try these steps:

  • Refresh
  • Try again from a different browser
  • If you are using a VPN try disconnecting and starting over

Intuit Customer Service

Intuit phone support – 1-800-446-8848

Glance Intuit Quickbooks Info

TurboTax is a premier choice for customers when it’s time to file taxes.  Their tax preparation software products are used by nearly 33 million people.

To ensure customers are getting the best service from their software the join session option is available to help customers be successfully submitting their tax returns accurately

Glance supports all TurboTax platforms – desktop, browser, and native mobile

One way video connection that allows customers to ask questions, while the experts can see only the user’s TurboTax window

On-demand help of a tax expert and the power of technology to give customers a smarter, more personalized filing experience

Intuit’s tax experts can visibly highlight on-screen areas to address questions or enter more information


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