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The Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum is the latest technological breakthrough in vacuums from the Shark Brand and is available online at www.buypowerhead.com or at online retailers like Amazon.com, QVC, Bed Bath & Beyond.  Shark vacuums are known for their lighter, versatile, and deep cleaning power that sets them apart from other vacuums on the market.  With the Powerhead customers can enjoy a more compact vacuum that will in Shark fashion deep clean your carpets and with their latest advancement of interchangeable brushrolls clean your hard surface floors better than ever.

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buy powerhead
shark rocket powerhead vacuum

Customers can visit the website www.buypowerhead.com to buy the Shark Rocket Powerhead vacuum online or visit Amazon.com to purchase from Shark’s online catalog of vacuums.  At Amazon.com the Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum has a customer rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.  There are over 170 reviews left by customers which tells you the Shark Powerhead is a popular vacuum that people really like.  Click for Powerhead best pricing.

Shark Rocket Powerhead Vacuum

The biggest attraction to the Rocket Powerhead is the interchangeable brushrolls that you manually replace depending on the type of cleaning you want to do.  There are literally 3 different types of cleaning that can be done with or without the brushrolls:  

  • Brushroll off – allows users to rely on suction to pick up loose dirt particles for basic dusting
  • Gentle Touch Hard Floor Brushroll Combined with Suction – picks up loose dirt particles and stuck on surface dirt producing a shine to tile and hardwood
  • Deep Clean Carpet Brushroll – deep cleans carpets 

Unlike other upright vacuums the Shark Rocket Powerhead vacuum is light when in use you only feel 1 pound of weight in hand enabling it to easily maneuver around furniture and objects. This lightweight design allows users to vacuum around or underneath furniture without having to move anything out of the way.  You will cut down on your cleaning time and be less less tired at the end because you didn’t have to move the entire roomful of furniture around before you started vacuuming or move everything back at the end.  With the ease and convenience of the Powerhead you can simply take the deep cleaning power wherever the dirt is.

What Comes With Powerhead?

Some of the other convenient features users will love is the telescoping handle for varied lengths, step on dust cup for easy removal, fingertip controls for transitioning between floors, and removable brushrolls.  Included with each Rocket Powerhead package is the vacuum, all surface brushroll, telescoping wand, led headlights, 30 foot cord, 5 year VIP warranty, and bonus items available to add with order.  This deal can be found online at www.buypowerhead.com or customers can purchase the vacuum at other online retailers.


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