Justin Baker-Rhett v. S. Carter Enterprises, LLC et al – Kanye Jay Z Tidal Lawsuit

Kanye West recently found out he’s being sued along with the popular music streaming service Tidal in the class action lawsuit case Justin Baker-Rhett v. S. Carter Enterprises, LLC et al.  The case is basically saying West, “tricked individuals into subscribing to the music streaming service Tidal by fraudulently claiming it was the one approach to purchase West’s album “The Life of Pablo.”

The case Justin Baker-Rhett v. S. Carter Enterprises, LLC et al that has been initiated by West fan Justin Baker-Rhett states that he personally signed up for the $9.99 a month Tidal subscription after West tweeted on Feb. 15 that his new album “The Life of Pablo” would by no means by bought anyplace else.  Included in his tweet he mentions, “My album will never never never be on Apple.  And it will never be for sale….You can only get it on Tidal.  Approximately 1-1/2 months later West’s album was released to Apple Music, Spotify, and his online website.

In Rhett’s position, he believes this exclusivity promise was a ploy to increase Tidal’s subscriber base, who has been in the news struggling to gain new subscribers.  The launch of West’s new album tripled Tidal’s subscribers to 3 million which in turn drastically boosted the company’s value from $60 million to $84 million while also threatening the privacy of its fans by forcing them to turn over credit card and personal information.

The Justin Baker-Rhett v. S. Carter Enterprises, LLC et al lawsuit is seeking class action status for people that subscribed to Tidal between the period of February 15 and April 1 and who streamed “Pablo” tracks within 24 hours.

(Reporting by Jonathan Stempel in New York; editing by Grant McCool)

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