KAISR Original Inflatable Air Lounge Review

In this KAISR Original Inflatable Air Lounge review you will see how much more fun and relaxing your next outing will be with a KAISR Inflatable Sofa.

KAISR Original Inflatable Review

kaisr original inflatable

There’s a new upgrade that consumers may want to consider for their next outdoors trip.  It may be time to leave your fold up chairs at home and begin taking the KAISR Original Inflatable Lounger.  There are plenty of other names and ways to describe this lounger such as KAISR Inflatable Sofa, KAISR Chair, KAISR Couch, KAISR Air Lounger, etc.

The purpose of the KAISR design is to give users a new and easier way to relax on their outings AND what better way to relax than with an inflatable sofa.  Chairs are bulky, awkward, and sometimes heavy to transport while an inflatable sofa is super portable and installs in seconds.  It almost installs itself and all you need to do is wave it in the air allowing the bag to fill up with air.  No devices or air pumps are needed.

Amazon has a variety of best selling inflatable loungers so compare the features and pricing of the KAISR with Amazon’s catalog of air loungers.  To compare the KAISR with Amazon’s inflatable couches CLICK HERE!

Why Choose a KAISR Inflatable Sofa?

kaisr inflatable sofa

Apart from the reasons mentioned above the KAISR Chair simply replaces your chairs.  You won’t need to carry chairs at all.  The outdoors chairs can be a little heavy and awkward to carry but you can’t really lounge on them.  The KAISR allows you to lounge like you’re lying on a bed.  You can enjoy sunbathing while you lie on your inflatable sofa.

Seating Capabilities

When fully inflated it will hold up to one full person lying fully along the lounger or 3 adults can sit across the bag very easily and comfortably.  It will accommodate up to 250kg in weight so users won’t have to worry about the bag going flat on them while their sitting.


When completely deflated the KAISR Original fits perfectly in a small bag that can be stored away in the trunk of your car or in your closet at home.  It takes up very little space and when you’re ready to go on a trip it can easily be transported over your shoulder.  It’s perfect for campers or hikers because it doesn’t slow you down and it’s not heavy.

When you’re ready to setup it up simply pull it out of the bag and wave it in the air to fill with air.  When you’re ready to deflate the bag just fold it from one end to the other allowing all the air to escape and will return to its small size to go back into the bag.


The KAISR Air Lounger is made of unbreakable parachute fabric that is strong and durable.  When inflated air does not seep through the fabric and it will hold up your weight.  The material is also waterproof allowing you to float on water.  People lounge on these in their pools at home which adds to your relaxation.


Some of the accessories people can expect to find with this lounger is there are stretch pockets on either side of the bag which serve their own purposes.  On one side of the lounger you can store your beverage in, it fits perfectly there.  On the other side there are 2 stretch pockets that will hold objects such as your smartphone, tablets, magazines, or maybe smaller books.

For easy access to a bottle opener users can enjoy the use of a bottle opener that is designed into the bag.  Another feature that users will enjoy is a small loop on one end of the KAISR chair that a stake can go through to secure the bag to the ground preventing it from moving around.  These are all conveniences built into this wonderful bag.

KAISR Inflatable Air Lounge Price

The KAISR Inflatable is available online at INDIEGOGO and is priced at $86 for one unit.  There are lots of inflatable air loungers that are equal to the KAISR at a more affordable price.  Amazon.com of course is a great place to shop for an outdoors inflatable chair.

A best-selling lounge bag on Amazon is the Chillbo Baggins Air Sofa which has over 500 customer reviews and customers have rated the product a 4.3 out of 5 stars.  73% of customers gave the Chillbo a 5 star rating.  It comes in a wonderful array of colors and patterns.  Visit Amazon to purchase a Chillbo Air Lounger.

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