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Mortgage Center customers can login to view their mortgage information via the eStatus Connect web portal provided by Financial Industry Computer Systems, Inc.  The site grants web and mobile access to mortgage information that is available through the web portal 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Borrowers can login anytime and submit their monthly payments, view their payment history, check their loan balance, review tax documents, and more.  This is a complete one stop shop for borrowers to manage their account easily and conveniently.

Borrowers can access their account by logging in with their username and password at (https://mortgagecenter.estatusconnect.com).  The online service is accessible from any computer with internet access or mobile device including smartphones.  This accessibility allows customers to be more in control over their personal information.  First time users interested in signing up for online access can select “Register – First Time Users Must Register” and complete the application process.  

Online users can also elect to receive their billing statements electronically through e-statements.  Instead of receiving a periodic billing statement in the mail you can sign up to receive your statements via email.  Most billing statements are either saved or discarded anyway because they basically have the same information every month except for a reduced mortgage balance.  Since this is the case it would be better to have the statement received in your email inbox or just simply login to your account and check out the details on your display screen.

Through eStatus Connect loan servicers can communicate with borrowers inside their account by sending memo messages.  Whenever there are loan updates or any important news that need to be disseminated to borrowers the memo messages is a tool for that.  Borrowers also have access to their mortgage documents if they want to review them.  There is a section of the site for documents and statements that users have access to.

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