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The State of Missouri Employees Self-Service Portal available at is a secure online web portal providing state workers access to their payroll and benefit information.  It allows workers that were employed by the State of Missouri within the past 5 years who have received a check to logon and view their paystub, leave balance summary, view statewide employee announcements, and have access to links to benefit providers.

The Missouri State Employee Portal site is conveniently available to workers from any home or public computer including mobile devices with internet connectivity.  Employees have access to their payroll information 24 hour a day 7 days a week.  With the Mo ESS portal users can better monitor their sensitive personnel information and are allowed to make some changes while logged into their account.  Active and former employees through the use of a UserID can sign in to the site and retrieve their personal information.

Missouri State Employee Portal Login

First-time users of the site will need to follow the registration process which begins with clicking the Register Now button on the homepage of (  During this short process you will be required to create a unique User ID and answer short questions to verify your employment as a Missouri State worker.  Once you are verified as an employee your profile will be created and you’ll be able to start logging on to your Mo State Employee portal account.

Missouri ESS Registration Questions

The registration questions you will need to be prepared to answer consist of:

  • Yes, I am an Active Employee or No, I am not an Active Employee
  • Last name
  • Last four digits of your social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Agency where you work
  • Zip code of your residence
  • Net Pay on your most recent paycheck

Missouri State Employees Self Service Dashboard

Once logged in users will have access to a number of payroll//benefit file information including viewing current and past pay stubs, view leave balance, view W2 info, view training history, make edits to your name or address, view announcements, etc.  During the annual open enrollment period employees will be able to elect their benefit coverage and make changes through their online profile as well.

Having online access is like having your entire employee file online for you to retrieve at anytime.  Most payroll and benefit questions that employees typically have can be answered by logging on to the Missouri ESS portal and browsing the information available.  There is a Frequently Asked Questions section inside the dashboard just in case you need assistance.

If you need to communicate with a particular department inside Self Service there is an email contact form that allows you to email an agency with any problems you’re experiencing.  Additionally, in the top right corner of your ESS page there is contact information to your payroll representative including name and phone number.

The Missouri ESS Portal available at is a secure website for state employees to use and is a valuable tool in managing your work/life activities.

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