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Consumers interested in applying for an Integra Credit installment loan can visit their online application site to apply.  The process of applying online is quick and easy online requiring a few minutes of your time and once completed you should receive an instant decision on your loan acceptance.

Integra Credit Personal Invitation Code

The first step to applying for an Integra personal loan is to visit their loan offer website and complete the application:

Be prepared to enter the following loan information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Salary
  • Employer
  • Mortgage/rent amount

Once you finish the application you will need to wait for an approval which if you’re approved for a loan offer will display on your computer screen.

MyIntegraOffer Loan Details


So you will be aware of how myintegraoffer works you can read over these briefs highlights of what you can expect with the loan service:

  • Loan application is quick only taking a few minutes to complete
  • After completing the application you will receive an instant approval
  • Be sure to look over the loan agreement and agree to the terms

Installment Loan Features

Fixed number of equal payments over an agreed upon amount of time

Funds executed before 8pm CST are sent the next business day

Borrow up to $3,000 depending on laws in your state

Check Loan Rates per State

Loans rates vary per state so to see what your loan fees are and the type of loan arrangements you can expect follow these steps:

  • Click the Credit Cost & Terms link at the bottom of the homepage
  • Select your state from the drop down box

You will see terms listed for your state including:

  • Loan amount
  • Loan APR
  • Loan duration

Minimum Loan Qualifications

  • At least the minimum age
  • Valid bank account
  • Valid email address
  • Resident of the US

Loan Used For

Some loan services have stipulations on what you can use your personal loan for, with the myintegraoffer here are some of the uses your loan can be used for:

Contact Customer Service

At the top of the screen is the Contact Us link

Call 1-855-345-5550

Fax 1-312-229-8877

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 8am to 8pm CST


Mailing address

Integra Credit

120 S LaSalle Street

Suite 1600

Chicago, IL  60603


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