Pouch Couch Review – Fast Outdoor Inflatable Couch

Get the Pouch Couch, an outdoor inflatable couch that you can sit or lie on.  Take the time to read our Pouch Couch review.

The Pouch Couch

If you want to make your next trip to the beach or campground a little more comfortable the Pouch Couch Inflatable Lounger is the perfect addition.  It will literally replace your chairs which are so awkward to carry around anyways.  The Pouch Couch is an air hammock that inflates without the use of pumps or electronics.  All you need to do to inflate the air bag is to wave it in the air as it fully inflates in mere seconds and then you seal it off.

The outdoor inflatable couch is a great concept that was introduced early this year and has taken off among customers.  The Pouch Couch is a great idea as it starts off as a carry bag that’s not too big then fully inflates to hold up to 500 lbs.  It can hold one person lying full body length or up to 2 or three people sitting across the bag using it as a couch.  When you’re ready to go just unseal the bag, let the air out, and roll it up to place back in its bag and store away in a drawer somewhere.

On Amazon.com there are lots of different brands of air couches at different price points.  Take the time to read the reviews before purchasing to be sure you’re getting a top quality bag.  Click For Best Inflatable Air Bag Prices.

outdoor inflatable couch
pouch couch review

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Pouch Couch Review

  • An air pump is not necessary as the bag will inflate with a few waves in the air
  • It is constructed of tough parachute material made of good quality
  • The maximum weight limit for the Pouch Couch is up to 500 pounds
  • When deflated the Pouch Couch can be stored away in its bag anywhere, takes up little space
  • The bag is water resistant and can float on water
  • Take your pick of color, there are 7 colors to select from

The Pouch Couch is priced at their online website at $39.99.  It is not sold on Amazon but customers can visit Amazon.com and compare prices with other outdoor inflatable couch brands.  Because the Pouch Couch is mostly advertised on television people may question the quality of the bag.  Check out alternative brand inflatable bag brands on Amazon.com.

The pouch couch

Customers can purchase the pouch couch online at www.pouchcouch.com for an online price of $39.99.  The only problem you may have with purchasing the Pouch Couch is you’re not sure of the quality and there aren’t many customer reviews to be found online.  It’s always great to visit Amazon.com to see if they have a similar product that has customer reviews.

A similar brand that has a good reputation on Amazon.com is the AeroBon that has all the same features as the Pouch Couch.  Click for AeroBon best pricing.  At the time of this review the AeroBon has a customer rating of 4.4 out of 5 star rating which is good rating for a product sold on Amazon.

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