ThermAvant LEXO Tumbler Review – Best Luxury Tumbler

lexo tumbler reviewThis ThermAvant LEXO Tumbler review will reveal why this luxury tumbler is a game changer for people who like their portable mugs.

One of the most popular products purchased during 2016 was the Tumbler Mug.  They are innovative travel items because they keep your hot beverages hot for extended periods of time and your cold beverages cold for even longer periods of time.  The only problem with hot beverages stored in insulated travel mugs is the coffee remains hot for too long making it still nearly unbearable to drink hours later.

LEXO Tumbler Review

ThermAvant Technologies has created a solution for this problem by creating their rendition of a tumbler cup called the LEXO Tumbler.  The LEXO cup does the same thing as other insulated coffee mugs except it utilizes technology to cool your coffee down to a perfect drinking temperature and keep it there hours later.

This one feature of the LEXO mug makes it worth its salt because they’ve solved a problem that many people are experiencing with the typical tumbler cup when it comes to hot drinks staying hot for up to 8 hours.  Scalding hot coffee is still scalding hot hours later which makes it difficult to drink.  The idea behind a ThermAvant LEXO Tumbler Cup is to still be able to drink your beverage at a satisfying temperature without it being too hot to drink.  The LEXO Travel Mug is available at in 10oz mugs.

How Does the LEXO Mug Work?

The LEXO Mug works via technology called Phase Change Temperature Control Technology that maintains temperatures of both hot and cold liquids for hours.  If you can visualize this as you pour hot coffee into a LEXO Travel Mug the Phase Change Material designed into the walls of the mug changes phases from solid to liquid allowing it to absorb the thermal energy coming from the coffee.  As it absorbs the heat and is transforming from a solid phase to a liquid phase the coffee begins to cool down to a perfect drinking temperature.

lexo coffee mug


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This cooling down process only takes a few minutes for the coffee to go from scalding hot at 200 degrees to an optimal drinking temperature between 130 to 150 degrees.  The coffee will be maintained at this temperature for hours allowing you to enjoy it without worrying about getting burned.

Another benefit of the Phase Change Material is as your coffee begins to cool lower than the optimal drinking temperature, the thermal energy is released back to the coffee from the Phase Change Material.  This featured design is not available in most other tumbler cups.  Phase Change Material is biodegradeable, 100% renewable, and 100% bio-based.

LEXO Cup Features

  • Hot beverages are cooled to the right temperature
  • Available in 4 colors – black, stainless steel, stainless black, white
  • Mug Sizes Available:  10oz and 16 oz
  • Not your standard tumbler
  • Spill resistant lid
  • No more burned tongues
  • Made of triple wall kitchen grade 18/8 stainless steel with a BPA free lid. 
  • Aerospace grade vacuum insulation and phase change temperature control technology for maintaining temperatures of hot and cold liquids for hours.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • No sweat vacuum insulation layer
  • Spill resistant hinge lid for daily use and comes with a screw on cap for portable use/travel
  • Easily fits into cup holders
  • Lifetime guarantee

LEXO Tumbler Amazon

The LEXO Stainless Steel Tumbler is available on for customers to purchase.  It’s a newly released product on Amazon, only been there for a month.  It has 5 customer reviews with customers rating the product 4.0 out of 5 stars and 80% of the customers rated it 5 stars.  You can read the reviews and purchase the mug from Amazon here.

By browsing through the customer reviews if appears that Amazon customers are delighted with the LEXO Travel Mug.  They like how their beverages are kept at drinkable temperatures and can better enjoy their coffee without worrying about it being too hot to drink.

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