Ultipro Paystub for Concord Hotels Employees

Ultipro Self Service is an online tool for Concord Hotel Employees to monitor their payroll and benefits information.  Employees have login codes they can use to access the Ultipro web portal and see in real time their paystub for the current week as well as review previous weeks.  All of their pay data is available inside their account including hours worked, wage, overtime hours, overtime pay, and more for them to review at any time.

A starting point after logging in to the system is the Myself tab.  The tab provides each user with a series of topics to click depending on the type of information they want to see.  The topics are Personal, Career & Education, Career Development, Pay, Benefits, Open Enrollment, Training, and Life Events.  Each topic has each employee’s individual information stored for easy review.

Any questions an employee has or information about their job they are curious about they can find this information under the Myself tab.  Management works along with HR and Payroll to ensure the information displayed in each account is accurate especially payroll data.  Employee’s play an important role in ensuring they are paid accurately by monitoring their own work hours.

Under each section employees are provided certain privileges that allow them to make changes within most sections of their account.  Under the Things I can Do feature of each section employees are given the option to make edits to that particular section.  If they are in the Employee Summary category they can edit their name, telephone number, add a contact, or more.  Depending on company policy there are certain edits that are restricted by employees.

Ultipro is a useful tool for employees as they can literally access all the important information pertaining to their employee file online.  They don’t have to make as many visits to the front office when they have questions but can log in to their account and find the answers to their questions.

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