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If you’ve heard the radio ad advertising the website www.2016warning.com then you’re probably interested in learning how to protect and grow your investments during the next financial crisis.  The 2016 Warning website informs its readers of the powerful economic recovery and wealth building book entitled, “The Big Drop:  How to Grow Your Wealth During the Coming Collapse” written by economist Jim Rickards the editor of Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence.

Who is Jim Rickards and why should you listen to him?  Rickards is an American lawyer, economist, and investment banker that has 35 years of experience working with Wall Street capital markets.  Before the 2008 mortgage crisis which involved a decline in the US dollar and an uptick in the cost of gold, Rickards warned his clients years before the events of 2008 occurred.  Rickards has also written the New York Times bestseller Currency Wars and The Death of Money.

In Rickards latest book, The Big Drop, which is advertised on www.2016warning.com as a free giveaway you will learn valuable information financial topics such as how to judge the safety of your bank, how the next financial can affect your savings/investments if you haven’t taken necessary steps, how the price of oil affects you, the risks of holding a large portfolio of stocks, etc.

To receive the free book customers will need to simply pay the $4.95 shipping costs which includes a few bonuses.  Here is a list of bonuses you can expect to receive:

  • Research report: 30 Snowflakes That Could Trigger The Next Financial Avalanche
  • Research report: Three Investments That Will Jump 100% In The Next Crisis
  • Research report: 50 Ticking Time Bombs Waiting To Demolish Your Portfolio
  • The Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence Video Series
  • Free 30 Day Trial to Jim Rickards monthly newsletter Strategic Intelligence
  • Receive free daily e-letters: The Daily Reckoning and the % Min. Forecast

Customers should know when they sign up to receive the free book and the free bonuses they are automatically subscribing to Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence which is a yearly subscription service costing $99 annually.  During this subscription you will receive 12 more issues of Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence.

Customers who are not interested in signing up for the annual subscription need to cancel before the 30 day trial period is up or your credit card on file will be charged.

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