www.citi.com/lovedoublecash invitation code – Pre approval for Citi Double Cash Card

Apply for www.citi.com/lovedoublecash invitation code – Citi customers have a limited-time offer to apply for Citi Double Cash Card. Consumers receive a mailer with instructions and a pre-approval letter promoting the offer.

Citi Double Cash credit card preapproval deal highlights include the 0% introductory interest rate on balance transfers for 18-months and the cash back earnings, in particular the 1 % cash back when making monthly payments.

How to Apply for citi.com/lovedoublecash Pre approval Offer

Citi Double Cash Card applicants have three options to apply: online, by phone or mail.

How to Apply Online for Citi Love Double Cash Card

www.citi.com/lovedoublecash invitation code

***If you need help locating your citi.com/lovedoublecash invitation code click the blue “Where to Find Your Invitation Code” link. This 12 digit number is found on both your offer letter or your hardcopy application.

By pre-filling some personal information on your application form, the invitation number speeds up the application process.

Keep going with the application, but keep the following information in mind:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Ssn
  • US citizen answer
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Answer security questions and set up question
  • An annual income
  • mortgage/rent payment

Pre approval for Citi Double Cash Card

It is recommended that consumers apply online using the citi.com/lovedoublecash website as the response time from application to acceptance is very fast. You’ll get a response in as little as 60 seconds at the end of the application process. It’s fast and unlike mail, there are no waiting days for a reply.

How to Apply By Phone for Citi Double Cash Card

To speak to customer service, dial 1-800-306-6172.

How to Apply for Citi Double Cash Card by Mail

You will need to complete the Citi Double Cash Mastercard application forms that you have received by mail. Sign the form and date it before sending it back.

Citi Double Cash Card Highlights

  • There is no annual fee
  • Purchases earn 2% cashback
  • Make payments to earn 1% cash back
  • As you pay, earn 1% cash back
  • Balance transfers: 0% intro APR for 18 Months – After the date of transfer, 18.99% variable APR
  • Unauthorized charges are exempted from liability.
  • Contactless payment and digital wallet
  • Access to your FICO score at no cost
  • You get a pass for your first late fee

Fees to Consider

  • Balance transfer – $5 or 3% depending on the amount of each transfer
  • Cash advance – $10 or 5% depending on the amount of each cash advance.
  • Foreign purchase transaction – 33% of every purchase transaction in US Dollars
  • Late payment – No penalty for the first late payment, but up to $39 thereafter
  • Return payment – up to $39
  • APR cash advances 27.49%

Extra Points to Consider

Citi Double cash card highlights that consumers will get cash back twice for every purchase. Cash back will be earned twice as long as you pay the minimum monthly payment.

Balance transfers: If you transfer a balance, interest will be charged to your purchases unless your entire balance (including balances transfers) is paid by the due date each monthly.

Customers who were selected for the offer must respond by the deadline. Your offer letter should include the date – apply online at www.citi.com/lovedoublecash.

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How to Redeem Citi Double Cash Rewards

You can redeem your ThankYou points in many ways. These include cash back, transfer of points to Citi’s partners and more. The easiest way to convert Citi Double Cash Card rewards into cash back is as a statement credit or check. Each point equals one cent.

Citi ThankYou Points can also be transferred. If you have a Citi travel card that is eligible, your points may be transferred to many partner airlines. If you only have the Double Cash Card, you will not be able to access Wyndham Rewards, JetBlue, or Choice Privileges as travel partners.

You can also redeem gift cards, pay with points online at participating merchants, and share your points with Citi ThankYou members.


How can I redeem Citi Double Cash Cashback?

You can redeem cash back with Citi Double-Cash Card by taking the money as a statement card in your account at www.citi.com/lovedoublecash invitation code. You can get $50 cash back and apply it to your account. This will reduce your balance by $50. Cashback can be received as a check or direct deposit to a bank account. A $25 minimum redemption amount is required.

What credit score is required to obtain Citi Double Cash?

To qualify for the Citi, Double Cash Card, you will need to have excellent credit. A score of 720 is considered excellent credit. However, a credit score is not enough to be eligible for any credit card. Issuers will consider your income, debts, and any other information.

What is the Citi Double Cash credit limit?

After you are approved for Citi Double Cash, you will be given a credit limit. The credit limit you are allowed to borrow can be affected by your creditworthiness, income, and the amount of outstanding debts. Credit limits can start as low as $500


www.citi.com/lovedoublecash invitation code

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