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ePayStub is an online web portal designed for employees to access their paystubs online.  The site is easy to use allowing employees access anytime of the day to view their current and past paystubs per pay cycle.  Here are some of the paycheck features users can view:

  • Recent and past pay periods
  • Personal profile
  • Hours worked
  • YTD hours and earnings
  • Deductions

How to Access Epaystub Access Login

Users can get started using the platform by following the instructions below:

To access your payroll info you will need to enter:

  • Eight digit date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Click the Login button


The next step is to select the company you work for including entering in your password.  For first time users their password will be the last 4 digits of their social security number.

What is the Epay Stub Access Login?

You will have the option of viewing your current or historical paystubs once logged into the system.  Download all paystubs from the epaystubaccess.com system to your computer for printing purposes.  

You will see the same information on your online paystub as on a paper paystub, including:

  • Earnings
  • Hours worked
  • Deductions
  • Taxes

Most company paystubs will allow employees to view their past stubs as far back as 13 months.

ePaystubaccess Overview

By offering paystubs online in electronic format, ePayStubs save company and employee time.  Employees will receive their paystubs more promptly and employers save on production costs.

For users who may not have access to the internet but still want to receive information concerning their paystub users can refer to 1-877-epaystub to call.  

The automated service has prompts that will reveal certain details concerning your paystub over the phone.  This is a convenient option for employees to take advantage of and possibly store the number in your phone just in case you need to use it.  

Electronic Paystub Benefits

For years employees received their pay via a paper check that had its own set of problems.  Now with the use of paperless checks and online employee self service web portals such as epaystubaccess.com many of the problems paper checks created are now gone.  Here are some benefits of receiving your paycheck and earnings electronically:

  • Saves the company and employee time
  • Saves money 
  • Electronic paystubs are more reliable
  • The internet makes receiving your pay more accessible
  • Record keeping is much more manageable via electronic pay



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