www.fastbackgroundcheck.com – Perform a People Search Online

www.fastbackgroundcheck.com – Perform a People Search Online

If you are looking to find some background information on someone the free search service Fastbackgroundcheck is a good way to find information.  The site allows users to search by name, phone number, and address.  If you know any of these just type it in the search feature at the website and it will scour the web in search for information that matches.

Getting Started with Fastbackgroundcheck

Decide on what type of search you’re interested in, select from the following:

  • People search 
  • Phone search
  • Address search
  • Enter in the name, phone number, or address of the person you’re looking for
  • Click the blue FastBackgroundCheck button


The site will perform a deep search and display all of the names that identify with your search criteria.  Anyone that has had the phone number, address, or similar name will show up in the search results.  

It provides a detailed listing of names, family members, ages, time lived at a certain residence, etc.  There is also the option to go further in the public search by clicking the blue Free Public Record Details button.

Highlights of the Service

  • Search for people
  • Search for phone number
  • Search for addresses

After performing a search you will receive a lot of background data that you can research and use such as:

  • Cell phone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Person age
  • Email address
  • Relatives
  • Landline numbers

Fastbackground Info

FastBackgroundCheck.com is the best place to start if you are searching for a long-lost loved one, finding out if an old friend still lives in a location, or running a reverse phone lookup on a new date. The website filters billions of public records to provide accurate contact information based on your background check.

Contact Customer Service

Call 1-888-747-4094

Mailing address

4845 Pearl East Cir., Ste.  118

Boulder, CO  80301-6112



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