Getveggiebullet – 3-in-1 Food Prep System

Get Veggie Bullet Food Prep System

The makers of the Nutribullet have put together another excellent nutrient extraction product called the Veggie Bullet that can be found at  This is a 3-in-1 food prep system that will take your vegetables, fruits, and other whole foods and with ease slice, shred, and spiralize them one piece at a time faster than ever.

The purpose of the Veggie Bullet is to speed up the amount of time it takes to prepare your foods for cooking.  No more having to hand slice your vegetables and fruits, now you can simply place them in the Veggie Bullet and it will slice and dice them in various shapes and sizes.

get veggie bullet

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Veggie Bullet Reviews – How Does It Work?

The Veggie Bullet comes with a power base and 2 different assemblies which are the Slicing and Shredding system or the Electric Spiralizer.  You will select the right assembly for your desired cutting.

Slicing and Shredding System

The Slicing and Shredding system resembles a food processor in how it cuts your food into thin uniform slices or finely shredded strips.  With the design of this assembly the cut-up veggies are expelled out of the chute into a bowl sitting underneath the chute.  You will be surprised at how fast it shoots out your sliced veggies.  It functions with a double-sided blade with one side used for slicing and the other side for shredding.

Electric Spiralizer

The Electric Spiralizer Assembly spiralizes your veggies and fruits creating long thin ribbons that you can use in replacement for pasta.  This is a great way to feed your family a healthier meal.  All of the spiralized food content is collected inside the spiralizer basket which you’ll find very convenient and is simple to cleanup.

On the Veggie Bullet has 36 customer reviews and customers have given the product a 3.4 out of 5 star rating.  42% of the Amazon reviewers rated the product 5 stars.  Amazon Prime members can order this product and have it shipped in 2 days.  Click Here to Compare!!

Conveniences of the Veggie Bullet

If you’re wondering if the Veggie Bullet would be a great addition to your kitchen you need to understand all of the conveniences that it affords you.  The major convenience is it cuts out the manual labor of having to hand cut your fruits and veggies when you’re prepping for a meal.  With this product you simply insert your veggies one by one and within seconds you’ve created the perfect slices and right amount of food you need to create your meal.

Performs Fast

According to the infomercial this product will cut your traditional prep time of cooking and cleanup by up to 75%.  If you’ve seen the Veggie Bullet in action then you can easily see how fast it does its job which speeds up the entire cooking process.  It doesn’t matter how big your dish is or how many people you’re planning to feed, the speed and quantity of food it will produce is huge.

Creates Different Shapes/Sizes

It also comes with 4 different pasta blades that will shape your food the way you desire.  The blades are the Angel Hair Blade, Curly Fry Blade, Ribbon Blade, and Shoestring Fry Blade.  These blades assist you with eating healthier by replacing pasta with gluten free low calorie whole foods.

Cleans Up Easily

The cleanup process is a very important feature of the Veggie Bullet.  Dissembling the product is very easy and all of the individual pieces are top-rack dishwasher safe except the power base.

Veggie Bullet As Seen On TV

The Veggie Bullet is sold in stores and can be purchased online at major online retailers or via their order website at  If you’ve seen the infomercial there are some bonuses that are offered with your purchase.

The TV offer allows new customers to try the Veggie Bullet for 30 days after making a $29.99 payment and if they don’t like it simply return the product and receive your $29.99 back OR if you do like the product do nothing and continue receiving 4 more monthly payments in the range of $29.99 per month.  It is also for sale for a one-time purchase of $149.95.

The bonus items that come with your TV deal is you’ll receive free $100 credit in Thrive Market groceries, 3 additional spiralizer blades, blender attachment for smoothies, 70 recipe cookbook, and a free 1 year warranty.

On the Veggie Bullet has 36 customer reviews and nearly half of the reviewers rated the product with 5 stars.  Customers can purchase the product from the order website or via their Amazon Prime membership to take advantage of fast shipping.  Click Here to Compare!!

Do your due diligence and compare the Veggie Bullet available at with its pricing and benefits offered via the order website or their Amazon product page.

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