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Patients that have received a medical bill from QuickPayPortal.com can submit an online payment via the Athena Quick Pay Portal fast and easy at www.quickpayportal.com.  The online site is a secure portal for patients to access their health information 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Patients can not only pay their bills online but can communicate with their health care providers, schedule appointments, and more.  

How to Access www.Quickpayportal.com

quickpayportal loginWhen patients visit the Quick Pay Portal they will need to have their 15 digit QuickPayportal Code handy to be entered into the appropriate field on the homepage.  The code is easily recognized on your billing statement.  The next step is to hit Select to go to the next screen.  You will be logged in to view your billing information including your statement date, patient account number, and amount due.

Navigating the Quickpay Login

Patients that frequently use the Quickpayportal.com may have a few questions about navigating the site once they’ve accessed their account.  Here is a brief how to guide:

Change Profile Info

View Insurance Info

  • Select My Profile tab
  • Select Insurance to preview your insurance info

Reschedule Appointments

  • Select Appointments tab
  • Upcoming appointments will appear under Upcoming Appointments
  • Select an open appointment date from the calendar
  • Select the Reschedule Appointment button

Ask Provider A Question

  • Select the Massages tab
  • Select Compose Message button
  • Select message type
  • Select your provider and office location
  • Type your message and Send

QuickPayPortal.com Bill Pay Info

You will have the option to make a Quickpayportal.com payment via credit card or bank draft.  If you pay via bank draft you will need to enter your bank routing number and bank checking account number to draw the payment from.  Once you’ve setup your payment option submit your payment.  There is no waiting involved, your payment is processed and it will post to your account during the day or if you paid your bill after hours it will post the next business day.

Paying online via www.quickpayportal.com is not a requirement for patients as they can send in the payments via mail or by calling by phone.  You will need to utilize the phone number or address shown on your bill to forward your payment.  These other options take longer for your payment to be processed so take that into consideration when you make your payment.  

On your billing statement it is recommended that you pay online because your payments are posted the same day and credited to your account as long as you pay by the deadline each day. Payments can be made from any computer or mobile device that has internet connection and a web browser.

FAQ Billing Questions

Patients that need assistance using www.quickpayportal.com can refer to “Where can I find my code?” link on the homepage of the payment portal.  It gives users a visual of your bill and how to read your bill to find your QuickPay Code.

Any other questions you may have about your bill should be brought to the attention of your insurance company.  The Quick Pay Portal is simply a 3rd party provider that assists with collecting payments and can’t answer questions about your insurance.



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