Credit One Bank Application Status Check

Credit One Bank Activate card applicants that applied for a credit card and have not received a confirmation on their acceptance can follow the information in this guide to assist with finding a resolution on their credit one bank application status.  In this guide we will cover the following questions:

How to Apply for Credit One Credit Card?

Credit One Bank is notorious for sending pre-approval offers in the mail for consumers that qualify for their credit cards.  If you received an offer in the mail simply visit the website they advertise in the mailer and apply.  Consumers can also complete the hard copy application that came with their mailer and send it back in the mail.  

How to Check Credit One Application Status?

If you’re not instantly approved for a Credit One Bank card you will need to wait for an approval that will arrive by email, letter, or you can call and speak with customer service.  Here are some steps to take:

To check your status online visit credit one bank application status and do the following:

  • enter your last name
  • Enter your social security number
  • Click the blue Check Status button

Credit One Bank Application Status

You can also check on your status by calling Credit One Bank’s dedicated line for requesting application information:

  • Call 1-800-752-5493

If you’re interested in communicating with them by mail send mail to:

Credit One Bank

PO Box 98873

Las Vegas, NV  89193-8873

What Happens if Your Credit One Credit Card Application Gets Rejected

If you learn that your Credit One credit card application gets disapproved the first step in learning about your credit one application status is speaking with customer service for reasons.  Typically your reasons will center around your issues with your credit history.  

Ask them when you can apply again which should give you time to correct some of the issues with your credit.  In the meantime you can also consider applying for a secured credit card which works differently from an unsecured credit card.  

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What is Credit One Bank Credit Card?

With Credit One Bank credit cards, you’ll get cash back rewards and access to a free online credit score monitoring service every month. A wide range of credit cards offer convenience, rewards, and credit building opportunities to people with all levels of credit scores.

Credit One has a catalog of 11 credit card products that consumers may be eligible for after submitting an application, here is a list of cards:


Credit One Bank Application Status Check

credit one bank status

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