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The Courtfeepay system is an online billing option for individuals to pay their court fees available at www.courtfeepay.com.  The site provides users a quick and easy way to make a payment or set up recurring payments for fees that they owe.  It can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week and payment transactions are processed instantly.

How to Make a Payment at Courtfeepay

The site is fairly simple to use you will need to follow a few simple steps to initiate your online payment.  Follow the steps listed below:


  • Select the appropriate state from which your fine was issued.  Scroll through the choices by clicking the blue bar.
  • Select the appropriate County/City
  • Select the appropriate Court
  • Select the appropriate Division

After following the above steps you should be on the Payor screen which lists at the top of the page, Payor, Court, Payment, and Confirm.  Complete the Payor screen which includes your name, address, email, phone number, and accept the disclaimer.

The next page is the Court page which you’ll need to complete your actual Docket number, name, and amount.  There is an online fee that is assessed which will be automatically added to your citation fee and included in the Total Amount.  If you have trouble finding your Docket number refer to your citation ticket and look for either “docket number” or “agency number.”

How to Check Your CourtfeePay Payment Status

  • From the Courtfeepay.com homepage you can click the Payment Status link from the top of the page

  • Enter your Status Number
  • Click the Submit Status Request button


How to Sign Up For Recurring Payments

For customers that want to be on a payment schedule involving automatic payments there is an option to setup this process via the Recurring Payment link.

  • From the courtfeepay.com homepage click the Recurring Payment at the top of the screen

***you will need to register for an online account

  • Click the Create An Account button

Enter the following info:

  • Create your username
  • Create your password
  • Full name
  • Mobile phone
  • Email address
  • Create your security question
  • Create your security answer
  • Click the blue I agree Continue button

Payment Type Accepted

The next step is to set up your payment option.  The Courtfeepay site accepts payments from the following credit card types, Discover, Mastercard, and Discover.  Just enter in your credit card information and your payment will be processed instantly.

Payments that are made after normal business hours will be processed the following business day but they are received 24 hours a day.  

Other payment options for individuals that do not want to pay online are paying in person at the actual county clerk’s office.  This option allows you to pay by cash, bank card, certified check, or money orders.

Courtfeepay Details

The Online Court Payment System is an online mediator for the courts that accepts payments on their behalf.  They charge a small fee for the convenience of using their online system and submit the rest of payment to the appropriate courts on the customer’s behalf.  

Online Court Payment System charges a processing fee of $4.00 for transactions between $0.01 and $100.00.  Court fees that exceed $100.00 will face a 4% processing fee.



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