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Credit One Bank Convenience Checks are single checks that Credit One Bank credit card customers can use to easily borrow money from their credit card account.  They provide an easy alternative to depositing checks into your bank account or even borrowing cash from a friend or family member.

Credit one bank convenience checks

How People Use Convenience Checks

Borrow money 

Pay bills

Transfer loans to your credit card

To Avoid a Bounced Check


Offers customers a way to access cash fast using their current credit card credit line

Make purchases without a credit card

Use the convenience check to purchase items

Write the check and deposit it into your account


Transaction fees

Higher interest rates than your regular purchase APR

Few protections

Possible no grace period

Identity Theft due to convenience checks not requiring signature authentication

How do Convenience Checks Work?

Credit One Bank sends their customers Credit One Bank credit card convenience checks for a certain amount.  They actually receive a pre-approved offer stating they’ve been approved for a credit line increase for an amount such as $500.  

Once you receive the Credit one bank convenience checks you can go to your local bank and cash the check then pay the cash advance fee.  Your credit limit should increase with the amount of the convenience check.

Read the details on the offer to see what other fees are associated with the Credit One Bank convenience check

Checks May Not Require A Signature

These credit cards come in a variety of different designs and offer various options when it comes to credit card convenience checks. Most of them are only one check number and usually don’t require a signature unless you decide to pay for a certain service or product. 

Others, however, will require a signature but also will deduct the amount of your credit score. This is determined by the credit card’s issuer. Credit cards with no signature checks have been known to increase your credit score.

Transfer Balances

If you decide to use Credit One Bank credit card checks you should know that you are limited to the amount of times you can charge off your balance using these cards. Also you are not allowed to carry a balance from one credit card to another. 

If you carry a balance on more than one card then you should get rid of this altogether. One of the best ways to do this is to use convenience checks and transfer your balances to an unsecured credit card that does not require a balance transfer fee.

Contact Customer Service

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1-702-408-2042  Outside US

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Credit One Bank Convenience Checks

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