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Fans of retired professional boxer Floyd Mayweather can enjoy the luxury and elegance of being a TMT Gold member.  The Floyd Mayweather TMT gold membership club offers members use of a golf debit card that is customized with an engraved signature of the boxer and Mastercard logo.

Another perk by applying for a card is new members are automatically enrolled in a sweepstakes to win a brand new 2021 Cadillac.  There are 49 Cadillac Sedans being offered and one Cadillac Escalade.

How to Apply For TMT Gold Membership


Enter the following info:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address

Choose if you are interested in the following:

  • TMT Gold Membership
  • TMT Gold Debit Card
  • Both
  • Click the Submit button
  • Reserve your favorite Floyd Mayweather card design

Enter the following info:

  • Name
  • Email address

Select the design you prefer:

  • TMT Money Classic design
  • Mayweather vs Pacquiao card
  • Mayweather vs Canelo card
  • Mayweather vs McGregor card
  • Mayweather vs Cotto card
  • Click the Submit button

Once you complete the application your membership will be pending approval.

Card Design

Select your favorite Floyd Mayweather Engraved Autographed TMT Monday metal design:

  • TMT Gold Metal card
  • TMT Black Metal card
  • TMT Titanium Metal card

GoMayweather Additional Info

Only 5,000 members will be accepted in 2021

If accepted you will be eligible to attend a gold VIP New Years 2022 event

Apply by July 4, 2021

Must be a global resident of the United World of the Universe

Win Cadillac Info

All accepted new members will be eligible to win a 2021 Cadillac via Gomayweather.com

Automatically enrolled to possibly win

Win 1 of 49 Cadillac sedans

Win an autographed Cadillac Escalade

“Live Life undefeated with the TMT Card”




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