Make an Online Payment to MediCredit Inc

If you’ve received a debt collection notification in the mail from MediCredit Inc consider submitting your payment online via their online payment center.  Customers who want to satisfy their debt can take begin utilizing the instant payment service offered by MediCredit instead of mailing in their payment which can take up to 7 days to post to their account.  The online service will credit to your account typically the same day and there is no need to purchase a postal stamp or envelope to send your payment in.

There are other options for payment which are pay by phone, moneygram, or express mail.  The pay by phone option is available to customers 6 days a week between 8am and 8pm Monday through Thursday, 8am to 5pm on Friday, and 9am to 1pm on Saturday.  The phone number to reach a customer service representative is 1-800-823-2318.  Customers who desire to submit payment by mail can utilize the payment slip on the debt collection letter they received in the mail and complete their credit card information (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) in the appropriate fields.

When making an online payment please consider there is a transaction fee of $4.95 that will appear separately on your credit card or bank statement.  Credit card and bank drafts are accepted as payment options.

Before submitting a payment to a collection agency it is advisable to speak with a customer service agent to verify your debt balance and if necessary make payment arrangements.  They can assist you with options on how to make your monthly balance more manageable and affordable so you can consistently pay them without it being a huge burden.

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