Invitation to Apply for Brightway Credit Card – Pre approval Offer

Consumers interested in applying for a One Main Financial Brightway credit card can be one of the few that actually have one.  There is a Brightway card and a Brightway + card which are in limited supply.  In the near future more will be released but here are some of the card highlights: 

MeetBrightway Card Highlights

  • $0 security deposit
  • $0 activation fee
  • $0 overlimit fee – Apply for OMF Brightway Card

***your offer code is found on your offer letter, it should be highlighted

  • Click the green Lookup offer button

Continue on with the rest of the application process and be prepared to enter more personal financial details such as:

  • Social security number
  • Address
  • Name
  • Monthly housing amount
  • Employer
  • Salary

Once you have completed the online application and submitted it the next step is to wait for a decision.  You will receive an instant decision that will only take a minute or so.  If you are approved you will be extended an approved credit limit and your new OMF Brightway credit card will be sent in the mail.

Brightway Credit Card Features

Up to $500 credit limit

Up to $65 annual fee

26.99% APR

1% unlimited cash back

Graduate to the BrightWay+ card after achieving 4 Milestone Events

OneMain Financial Brightway+ Card Features

Up to $3,000 credit limit

$0 annual fee

26.99% APR

1% unlimited cash back

Qualify for rewards like a credit limit increase or APR decrease in as little as 6 months

How to Check Brightway Credit Card Application Status

click the Check application status link at the top of the page

enter the following details:

last name
last 4 digits of your social security number
date of birth
click the green Continue button

After entering in the above information the status of your meet brightway credit card will be revealed.

How to Access Brightway Credit Card Login

visit Brightway credit card login
click the Log In link at the top of the page
enter your email address and password
click the green Log In button

Register for Online Access

Users who are accessing the site for the very first time you will need to register for an online account:

from the Brightway credit card login click the “Need to create your Brightway card account” link
Go through the steps to register online or users can download the Brightway app to register

Other Card Details

After reaching 4 streaks of 6 consecutive payments you will be upgraded to the Brightway+SM card with no annual fee

Receive cash back on net purchases defined as purchases minus returns and credits

Cash advance and balance transfer APR is 26.99%

Late fee up to $40

Download Brightway App and Features

Download app and manage your card anytime, anywhere

To download app visit

Click the Download App button at the top right of the screen

Download from the App Store or Google Play

Via the app you can perform the following features:

How to Contact Meet Brightway Customer Service

Call 1-866-207-9130

8am to 11pm EST Sunday – Saturday


OneMain Holdings, Inc

301 NW Second Street

Evansville, IN  47708-1013

Who is Onemain Financial?

OneMain Financial is a consumer finance company that offers personal loans, credit cards, and other financial services. They are part of the OneMain Holdings Corporation, which is a publicly traded company. OneMain Financial’s mission is to help customers build a better financial future by providing responsible credit solutions. They offer a variety of loan options, including unsecured and secured loans, and they also provide other services such as debt consolidation and credit counseling.

How do I Pay my Onemain Financial Credit Card Bill?

You can pay your OneMain Financial Credit Card bill either online or by mail. To pay your bill online, go to the OneMain Financial website, log in to your account, and choose the “Pay My Bill” option. You can also call the customer service number on the back of your credit card and follow the prompts to make a payment. To pay your bill by mail, send a check or money order along with your payment coupon to the address listed on your bill.

Is the Onemain Financial Credit Card Right for You?

The Onemain Financial Credit Card offers a range of benefits, including a rewards program, low-interest rates, no annual fee, and flexible payment options. However, it is important to consider the drawbacks as well, such as limited rewards, high-interest rates for some applicants, and limited availability.

If you are an existing Onemain Financial customer who is looking for a credit card with a rewards program and low-interest rates, then the Onemain Financial Credit Card may be a good fit for you. However, if you are not already doing business with Onemain Financial or are looking for a more robust rewards program, you may want to consider other credit card options.


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