MyTJX – Associates Login and Self Service

TJX Associates can utilize the TJX Employee Self Service (ESS) to manage and update their company payroll/benefit info.  All information that is updated is done so securely and in real time. Employees can access the company web portal anytime from their home computer or mobile devices.

MyTJX Employee Login Guide

The online portal is designed specifically for TJX Associates, contracted Associates, and other authorized users.  The first step to using the site is to register:

There are 2 options available for employees to choose from – Click here if you are an Associate OR Click here if you are a Not-for-Resale Supplier.  Employees should choose the first option.

On the For Associates page there are 3 registration links for US, Canadian, and Australian employees.  

Under your respective country click the “click here” link beside “If you do not have an Oracle User ID and password, please click here.

You will be taken to the TJX Oracle login page

Click the appropriate link for your country under the Navigator section, there are 3 choices:

  • AU TJX Self Registration
  • CA TJX Self Registration
  • US TJX Self Registration

Enter the following info as it appears on your payslip:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • AIN Number (Associate Identification Number)
  • Click Next
  • Create a user name and password
  • Click Next button
  • Click the Submit button

After you have completed the registration process you can proceed to logging in to  

You will want to find the sign in link on the For Associates page – If you already have an Oracle User ID and password, please click here.

At the bottom of the page select a language you want the dashboard to be displayed in.

Enter your created user name and password

Click the gray Login button

TJX Employee Self Service Features

The TJX employee self-service offers associates a platform to manage and update their company related information.  It’s an all in one location that offers flexibility for employees to make changes and see them update immediately without the need for paperwork.  Some of the features you can expect inside your account are:

  • View current benefit enrollments
  • Designate or update beneficiaries of your life insurance plans
  • Update life event changes (marriage, divorce, birth, adoption)
  • Request a leave of absence
  • View paid time off balances
  • View basic work history
  • View weekly payslip
  • Update your federal tax information
  • Update your profile info


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