www.parkinginvoice.com – Pay Your Parking Ticket Online

The Parkinginvoice website is available for individuals who received a parking citation to simply and easily pay their ticket online.  You should have received a parking citation in the mail with instructions on how to pay your fine online.  Here is a brief guide to walk you through the steps:

How to Pay Your Parking Charge Online

If you received an 8 or 9 digit notice select from either of the options listed on the parkinginvoice homepage.


8 Digit Notice Number Instructions

This notice will include the following:

  • Your 8 digit notice number
  • Amount
  • Plate number
  • Click the blue Click Here button

The next page of the process will redirect you to parkinginvoice.rmcpay.com to perform a search for your ticket so you will need to enter the following info:

  • License plate number
  • Select your state
  • Vehicle VIN number

After your ticket is found you can go through the parkinginvoice.com payment process to pay the ticket.

9 Digit Notice Number Instructions

This notice will include the following:

  • parking charge amount
  • reduced charge amount
  • state sales tax amount
  • total amount due amount
  • notice type
  • notice number
  • notice date
  • plate number
  • state 
  • entry time
  • exit time

Click the Click Here button under the ticket you received

Enter your parking charge number or license plate number

Click the blue Continue button

When your ticket is found you can pay for your ticket online using a credit card.

How to Contact Customer Service

Email:  info@professionalparkingmgt.com

Call 1-844-999-7275



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