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The Coronavirus pandemic is making life hard for many restaurant and bar owners around the country.  In Philadelphia a project was started on March 30, 2020 called #Savephillyeats that will provide some financial assistance to these small businesses.  

The gist of the project is a website was created that will list special offers from participating restaurants in the area that customers can purchase today and be redeemed in the future, when this pandemic crisis has subsided.  

How #SavePhillyEats Works

To get started with the website customers can follow these few steps:


Scroll down the homepage and view the offers from restaurants.  Each offer has a link that you can learn more about the offer including make your purchase/buy ticket to help a restaurant owner out.

Also under Section 02 Browse Offers customers can click the “how to help” link for other ideas on how they can get the word out about savephillyeats.com.  Some ideas offered beyond just making a purchase are:

  • Passing the message on to your friends and social media sites
  • Ask local restaurateurs and bar owners who you know that need help and may be interested in presenting an offer

Bars/Restaurant Offering Listings

In order for a bar or restaurant to participate in #savephillyeats they will need to do 2 things which is listed under Browse Offers – “get listed: link:

  • Provide at least 1 offer
  • Provide a website/landing page/email address to send a customer that can be verified

Please note that there are no charges to be listed on the website.  This is a free service to owners.

SavePhillyEats Info

The website will be updated on a daily basis which may include adding offers, deleting offers, or making changes.  Visitors will want to check back frequently to see what’s new.

The project was created by startup founders Anthony Bucci, former CEO of e-commerce service RevZilla and David Bookspan, executive chair at software company Amino Payments.  

100% of the revenue generated from www.savephillyeats.com will be given to the restaurants.  

Please visit the social media pages of #savephillyeats for additional information and promotions.

Instagram: @savephillyeats

Twitter:  @savephillyeats



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