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The days of relying on a mop and cleaning products is over with the introduction of steam mops.  Steam mops are very effective at cleaning your hard surface floors with ease and without the use of chemicals.  The Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop offered is the latest pocket mop upgrade from Shark Ninja to steam clean your floors.

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Shark Genius Steam Mop Free Offer

Customers can visit to take advantage of a 30 day or 60-day money back guarantee offer to receive a Shark Genius Steam Mop package.  The special TV offer comes in a one-time payment option or an exclusive deal to simply pay the shipping and handling costs and receive the Genius Steam Mop to try out for 30 days.

The one-time payment option is one payment of $119.85 and comes with free shipping and a 60 day money back guarantee.  The 2nd option, 30 day risk free trial, is pay the $19.95 shipping charges to try out the mop for 30 days and after the 30 day trial period has ended you can keep the mop and automatically enroll in the 4 month payment plan.

The 30 day free trial also allows customers that aren’t satisfied with the product to return it for a refund.  The product has to be returned prior to the 30 day free trial ending though.

The Shark Genius Steam Mop is also available on and already has over 20 customer reviews with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.  Because this product is fairly new it’s a good idea to read the customer reviews on Amazon.  Click for Shark Genius best pricing!!

shark genius steam mop review

What the TV Offer Comes With:

When purchasing a Shark Genius Hard Floor Steam Mop online you will receive included in your order the following:

  • Steam Genius Pocket Mop
  • Spray Pocket Mop
  • Genius Mop Head
  • Steam Blaster Technology
  • Manual Steam Control
  • 2 Dirt Grip Pads
  • Fill Flask
  • Triangle Mop Head
  • Triangle Dirt Grip Pad
  • Bonus Gift: Spray Pocket Mop and Spray Bottle with Cleaning
  • 2 Year VIP Limited Warranty
  • 30 or 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Shark Genius Steam Mop Review

Using a steam mop to clean hard surface floors is now the norm for most households.  Steam works and is just as effective at cleaning up messes as the traditional way of using a mop and household chemicals.  The Genius Steam Mop can handle your tough spots, dried up messes, and stuck on stains.  The heat produced by the mop alone is more than enough to tackle your cleaning needs.

shark genius hard floor steam mop

Benefits of the Steam Mop

Drying Time:  With this product and the amount of heat it produces the drying time for your floor is minimal.  You don’t have to wait hours for your floor to be dry, it’s dry within minutes.

Maneuverability:  The Genius Mop Head was designed with superb maneuverability allowing you to easily navigate around objects in the floor including chair legs.

Steam Blaster Technology:  This is a new built-in feature that tackles stuck on stains and messes and is super simple to operate.  You only need to flip the mop head over so it’s behind the mop body.  Tilt the mop handle down and a concentrated burst of steam will spray out and blast away at the stains on your floor.  To stop the steam blast simply raise the handle and flip the mop head back to its original position and continue cleaning.

shark genius steam pocket mop

Dirt Drip Pads:  The pads designed for the Genius Pocket Mop do 2 things well, they lift and lock dirt in while cleaning.  They have special fibers that trap dirt deep inside and keeps it there so it won’t return to the floor.  The pads are double sided allowing you to clean twice the surface area without having to clean the pads.  Just flip the mop head over and keep cleaning.

Touch Free Technology:  With this technology you no longer have to touch the mop head to remove or add the pads on.  Attaching a pad is easy simply spread a new pad on the floor with the pocket side up, center the Genius mop head above the pad, push the pad release button on the back of the mop, both sides of the genius mop head will drop open, slip the Genius mop head 4 corner tabs into the pockets of the pad, press one side of the Genius mop head to the floor until that side clicks into place then do the other side.

Removing the pad simply press the pad release button on the mop head and the pad will drop off simply and easily.  No more bending or having to touch dirty mop heads.

Take advantage of the exclusive TV offer available at and receive the Shark Genius Steam Mop for 30 days to try out.  Also check out the reviews available on and see what customers are saying about this product.

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