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If you’re a fan of watching documentaries you can feast on an online catalog of documentaries at the watchdocumentaries.com website.  You can find the ones you’ve already watched or find many new ones.  There’s a host of video content for you to enjoy FREE.

How to Navigate WatchDocumentaries

The website is simple to navigate around, here is a brief idea of what to expect when you visit:

Once you’re on the website you can easily see how simple it is to search for a documentary or view what they have in the Featured section.  

At the top of the screen there are 5 categories:

  • Home
  • Categories
  • Recommended
  • Top 100
  • Articles


Take your mouse and hover over the Categories section and check out the number of sub-categories documentaries can be found in depending on what you’re looking for.  Some sub-categories have several documentaries you can choose from under that one particular category.

Some viewers may ask, “is watchdocumentaries.com safe,” and the answer is YES.  All of the videos can be found on Youtube but instead you have them all in one place.  Just watch from the watchdocumentaries.com website and enjoy.  

What to Expect on the WatchDocumentaries Homepage

The homepage is also categorized into sections with each section showing documentary titles and clickable images from each documentary.  The sections are:

  • Featured
  • Latest
  • Popular

Here’s a list of a few documentaries in those sections:


Inside Job

The Two Escobars


The Imposter

Man on Wire

The Latest

Architects of Ancient Arabia

Can’t Get You Out of My Head

The Untold Story of Otto Warmbier

This is Paris


Ancient Aliens

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey


Hunting Hitler

The Men Who Built America

If you click on a particular documentary you will notice a well written review of the documentary explaining what the story is about.  You probably should read the review first before watching if you’re unsure what the documentary is about. 

If the documentary has several episodes, each episode is listed for you to one-click watch.  There is also a rating assessment for each documentary so you can see how others rated the viewing.

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Related Videos

In this section which is beneath the documentary review you will see what other documentaries in the watchdocumentaries.com catalog fall in the same category.


Under the Recommended section of the website there is a list of the 10 most recommended documentaries in order.  These videos will challenge the way you see things and have you asking questions you haven’t asked before or maybe you’ve thought about.  Go from #10 to #1 and see what you can learn.

Top 100

Under the Top 100 categories is a list of the most watched videos on the watchdocumentaries website.  They’ve been curated so you can go through the entire list and see which ones you haven’t watched.  

What is Watchdocumentaries?

The site is a curation of free documentaries found on Youtube catalogued all in one place.  They’re sorted and all visitors need to do is go through each category to find what they want to watch or discover new ones.  



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