Access Liberty Mutual Disability Benefits Online

Company employees can manage and monitor their employee benefits through Liberty Mutual Insurance online at the My Liberty Connection web portal.  The site allows employees to securely login and access any claims they may have filed, report absences, review their beneficiary information, communicate with claims managers, etc.  My Liberty Connection is a convenience to employees as they can stay up to date on all of their Liberty Mutual Insurance benefits including taking advantage of the tools and resources that are available for them to read.

To access your account online and view your benefits information visit ( and enter your username and password to logon.  If this is your first time accessing the site you will need to go through the registration process in the New Users section of the site.  When registering you will need to enter your company code, if you do not know your company code please see your Human Resources department for assistance with this information.  After registering and creating a username and password you are all set to begin logging in to your account anytime and from any computer or mobile device with internet access.

Most employees may only use this site if they’re in the process of using their Liberty Mutual Insurance benefits.  If you’ve filed a claim then this site will be invaluable for you because you’ll be able to track the status of your claim or leave (FMLA) through this site.  All important dates and payment information is recorded for you to review and ensure your account is in good standing.  

Employers also utilize My Liberty Connection for day to day administration.  Authorized personnel are able to login to the company account and perform a variety of functions including installation information during implementations, receive a quick summary of company benefits through the dashboard, utilize reporting tools to manage employee disability cases, report new claims on behalf of employees, communicate with case managers, and more.

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