HyCite Customer Login and Payment

The Hy Cite Customer Service Portal available online at https://customers.hycite.com allows users access to their account where they can view their bills, make online payments, view their orders, track their orders, etc.  Users can manage their account conveniently from the customer login and the service is free to use.

How to Login to customers.hycite.com

Using the Hy Cite customer portal requires users to login using their username and password.  New users will need to register for online access by enrolling.  On the site there is a register button that will take you to the registration screen.  You will need to enter a valid email address, customer number, your last order number, or the last 4 digits of your social security number.

After you’ve completed these steps in the registration process along with creating your username and password you’ll have access to your Hycite customer access.  Your account will be accessible from any desktop, laptop, mobile device, or smartphone that has a browser and internet capabilities.

Hycite Online Account Features

Access to your online Hy Cite account offers users the option to view their payment history from the Payment History section.  Any payment you’ve made the you’d like to print can be printed from inside your account as well.  All billing statements are also stored in the Statements section then select View This Statement to access it and have it displayed on your screen.

Billing statements are printable via the Hycite online print feature.  Other features users will enjoy is when online orders have been placed they are available for viewing inside your account.  These orders can be tracked until delivery.  Any new products or special offers offered will also display when logged on the site.

Each month you will receive an email reminder notifying you when your new statement is available for viewing via the Hycite payment portal.  There is no need to wait for the paper copy to arrive in the mail each month but instead view it electronically.  Up to 12 months of past electronic statements are saved inside your account for viewing.

Hy Cite Payment – Various Options to Pay

One of the main benefits to using the HyCite customer portal is making your monthly payments securely, free, and instantly.  Unlike the other Hycite payments options users can save money on mailing fees and other incidental fees that are a part of making payments outside of using the payment portal.

Through the site you can make one-time payments each month or setup automatic scheduled payments for a certain day each month.  This will save you time and mailing expenses when you pay via the secure website.

Other Payment Options – Fee Charged

The other payment options available for customers are pay by phone, check by phone, Moneygram, Western Union, or traditional mail.  When paying by phone the phone number to call is 1-800-280-9709 or 1-800-280-9708 for Spanish.

Pay by Phone:  there is a $10 additional fee for this service that will be automatically deducted from your payment option (credit card).  If you however decide to enroll in the Hycite online access and sign up for monthly automatic payment deduction you can waive that $10 fee.

Check by Phone:  a $10 additional fee is charged and automatically deducted from your checking account.  This fee is also waived if you enroll and sign up for automatic payment each month.

MoneyGram:  MoneyGram charges a fee of $6.95 to use their bill pay services.  There are over 40,000 MoneyGram agents nationwide, you will need to find one closest to you and make your payment there.

Western Union:  Western Union offers their Quick Collect payment services for a fee.  On the WU payment form you will need to write in the following:

Pay to:  Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC – Code City:  Hycite – State:  Wisconsin – Include your name, account number, make your payment, and include the WU fee.

Traditional Mail:  Send your payment using a check, money order, or cashier check with your account number printed to Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC, 333 Holtzman Road, Madison, WI  53713-3954

The HyCite payments portal is the most convenient way to submit your monthly payment.  It’s available 7 days a week, doesn’t cost anything to use, and you can setup automatic payments each month.

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