Comenity Overstock Credit Card Login, Payment

Store customers of Overstock can access their credit card account and pay their Overstock Store Credit Card bill at

Comenity Capital Bank provides online credit card access for Overstock Store Credit Cardholders.  The online account center is available to cardholders 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  It allows members to securely access their credit card account information and monitor their transactions in real time, make online payments, make changes to their contact information, view past billing statements, etc.

Overstock Credit Card Payment

One of the benefits of using the online service is its free to use.  There are no charges for submitting monthly payments.  As long as you have your checking account information setup in your account for electronic drafting you can easily with a few clicks pay your bill every month.  The only Overstock pay bill payment option available for cardholders is pay by check (electronic drafting).  Debit card or paying via another credit card are not options for payments.

payments that are made from your checking account may take up to 2 business days for processing but after making a payment your available credit will adjust the same day the payment is made.  Paying online is a benefit for most cardholders because its free, there are no payment fees to worry about, and when a payment is made your credit limit will reflect the same day.

Comenity Overstock Credit Card Login

Credit Card users can logon to their account at the online Account Center.  Users will need to enter their User Name and Password to sign on.  First-time credit card members can register for online access by clicking “Register for Online Access.”  The registration process requires you to enter your credit card account number, zip code, social security number, and the last 4 digits of your social.  The last step is to create your login credentials.

Once your account has been created and synced you will be able to login to review your online account from your home computer, mobile devices, tablet, or smartphone devices.  The online access allows Overstock credit card customers to monitor their account from these devices via their Username and Password.

Overstock Billing Statement

Overstock credit card customers can view their billing statements online inside of their account.  Billing statements are saved up to 12 months online for you to review whenever you’d like.  Cardholders can sign up for paperless billing to avoid receiving paper billing statements in the mail and instead be notified via email when its ready for viewing inside your online account.

It is much more convenient to receive your billing statement online versus by mail.  If you’re frequently logging in to your account on a regular basis you won’t need to wait for a billing statement to be prepared.  Every time you login all of your account information is visible for you to see such as your account balance, credit limit available, APR, recent transactions, etc.

Customers that sign up for Paperless Billing will only be able to receive electronic billing statements and the paper billing statements will stop being sent to your homes.  You can only be signed up for one or the other.

Take advantage of the online service provided by Comenity Bank at  It’s a free service and is available to cardholders anytime.

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