Dooney and Bourke Register Your Product

Dooney & Bourke customers can register their new purchase online at  By registering your purchase at the registration website you take advantage of the Dooney Guarantee which unconditionally protects your purchase against any defects in craftsmanship for a full year of normal use.

Dooney and Bourke Registration

Did you recently purchase a brand new Dooney & Bourke handbag?  Have you registered it yet?  If you have not registered your new bag take a few minutes and visit their online registration site.  The bag comes with a one year warranty guaranteeing it against defects in craftsmanship.  You’ll want to sign up for this protection just in case you have problems with your bag.  There are 2 ways to register your bag either with the postage paid card included with your purchase or by visiting

The postage paid card is easy only requiring you to complete it and drop it in your nearest post office box.  The same form questions printed on the postage paid card will be asked during the quick online registration process.  You will need to input your name, address, email address, bag ID number, style number, registration number, date of purchase, and store where purchase was made.  The style number and registration number are highlighted on the postage paid card.

Dooney & Bourke Registration Perks

By registering online you can create an account profile including your shipping/billing information so you can conveniently shop online.  You will also have an option to be added to the Dooney & Bourke’s email list to receive promotions and sales discounts.  There are perks to shopping online which include free shipping on orders over $100 and special promotions that run from time to time.  Customers should also be on the lookout for giveaways which are free to participate in with the winner receiving a handbag at no cost.

If you haven’t read about the Dooney Guarantee take the time to read about the craftsmanship that goes into each bag that is made.  Check out their online catalog of bags and accessories including new arrivals.  After registering your new bag or accessory at take the time to shop their online site for any discounts.

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