Employee Sign in to ePayroll Portal

The ePayroll portal is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for employees to utilize to access their payroll information.  The site houses employee’s pay stubs and W-2 information for employees to monitor at their convenience.  By using their username and password employees can sign in to their account when they are away from work using their home computer or mobile devices to check on their current pay cycle.  All of their current and past work data can be reviewed by them and is stored in the history tab of their account.

The ePayroll portal site is convenient to use and is available for internet access at (https://www.epayrollportal.com/employeelogin.aspx).  First time users of the site will need to register via the “Register Here” link on the homepage and complete the short online form consisting of your name, social security number, and date of birth.  Once you’ve completed the signup process and created your login credentials then you’ll be able to visit the site continually and logon to your payroll file.

The site is multi-functional and has more uses than just harvesting employee time punches wages earned.  There’s also a company bulletin board where the company can leave information for their employee’s to read.  It’s a way for the company to communicate with its employees and provide resources since they know every employee will frequently utilize the site to review their pay.  

Employees can expect their W-2’s to be available for review and download inside their payroll account during tax preparation season.  The process of receiving their W-2’s has been made easier through the ePayroll site versus waiting for the paper copy to arrive in the mail or to your Human Resources department.  Employees can instead wait for the document to be accessible inside their account when it’s released.

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