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American Automated Payroll offers employees the option to view their paycheck information online via their AAP Employee Self Serve Portal.  The site is available 24 hours a day for users to access and view their pay stubs details including PTO time, deductions, hourly wage, time clock punches, print W-2’s, make edits to their contact info, and more.  The ESS site is an extension of the Human Resources department as employees have more control over their pay information and are able to monitor their hours worked in real time.

The AAP Employee Self Serve is currently available for employees to access at (https://aap.evolutionpayroll.com/ess#login).  First time users of the site will need to complete the new user registration form to get properly setup.  You will need to create your login credentials and enter your company code, social security number, check number, and current total earnings.  Much of this information is already on your paystub so it’s a good idea to have it handy when registering for the first time.  

After successfully registering for an online account users will be able to enjoy mobile access as well.  From here on they can login to their account from their mobile devices such as their smartphone while on the go to check their paystub information.  This is a great convenience for employees as they don’t have to depend on their supervisor or HR department to provide for them answers to questions they may have about their pay.  They can simply login through the ESS portal and view their entire paystub and payroll information there.

The ESS site also affords users the option to receive their W-2 digitally.  They don’t have to wait until it arrives in the mail but can rather receive it inside their account and print it out when they’re ready to file taxes.  This is a faster way to receive W-2’s because there’s no mail travel time to consider and everybody’s W-2 arrives the same day.  

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