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Customers who have used the services of Trash Hauler to remove trash from their area can pay their bill online at www.trashbilling.com.  The online payment website is easy to use and will process your payment instantly.  Customers have the option of paying online or paying the traditional way via mail.

The TrashBilling payment portal sets up easily for recurring payments or one-time payments.  You can setup your account to pay from your checking account, savings account, or credit card.  The website will accept Visa, MasterCard, or Discover cards.  After making your payment you will receive an email confirming your payment.

TrashBilling.Com Login

When customers visit Trash Billing they will be presented with three options available to them:  Pay Your Trash Bill, View Their Account, or What is this Charge on my statement?  Make your selection and click the Submit, Login to your Account, or Look up Charge, button depending on what you want to do.  The site allows you to make payments but also inquire about your account and verify charges.

Since Trash Billing is an online payment site all of your payment information is stored inside your online account and is not sent to the Trash Hauler.  The Trash Hauler is only notified that you’ve made a payment.  There is also an automatic pay system in place for repeat customers to have their payments automatically drafted from their bank account or credit card on a certain day of the month.  The Auto Pay feature ensures customers don’t miss or forget any payments that are owed to their trash hauler.

Trash Billing Payment Processor

The Trash Billing site allows customers to view their account online so they can do a quick review.  After they enter in the 12 digit number that is highlighted on their trash bill their account will be displayed so they can see when their next payment due date is, balance information, list of charges, etc.  If a customer is unsure about a particular charge they received from the hauler they can select the “What is this charge on my statement” option to lookup that charge and have it displayed online.

When using the Trash Billing payment portal customers should be aware that the site is strictly a payment processor and any billing or service issues you may be experiencing should be addressed with your trash hauler directly.  Your trash hauler has all of your account information including your ID number.

If you are unsure about your hauler ID enter your ID number at www.trashbilling.com and hit the Submit button and your trash hauler’s contact information will be displayed.

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