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Customers interested in washable fabric face masks can purchase them from a reputable 100 year old hosiery mill (Harriss & Covington) that transitioned their business to making Geteasymasks as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.  

The company originally makes socks but responded to the short supply of PPE when the pandemic first hit the country and decided to produce masks to help out.  They partnered with 

EHOP Health, a health coaching company to design and manufacture Get Easy Masks.

How To Order GetEasyMasks

The site has a sliding screen advertising the 3 types of masks they have for sale.  

  • Apex
  • The Eden Collection
  • High Point Designer Edition
  • Click the green Shop now button of the mask you want to purchase
  • The next step is to select the color and size of your mask
  • Click the green Add to Cart button
  • Pay online

3 Mask Selections Details

Apex Mask

Made from recycled polyester from water bottles

2 layers

Best for cooler weather & air-conditioned indoors

Comes in 4 colors – black, blue, red, purple

Sizes – small, M/L

Price $19.99

Each pack contains 2 masks and 1 nose bridge

Eden Mask

Made from recycled nylor from netting

2 layers

Best for warmer weather

Comes in 5 colors – classic blue, biscay green, coral pink, grape compote, midnight

Sizes – small, M/L, XL

Price $17.50

Each pack contains 2 masks and 2 nose bridges

High Point Mask

Made from recycled nylon from netting

2 layers

Best for warmer weather

Comes in designer colors/patterns – flower power, floral, candy paisley, leopard, rainbow zebra, digital camo, houndstooth plaid

Sizes – M/L

Price $12.99

Each pack includes 1 mask and 1 nose bridge

Masks Info

Has inserts with a template on how to cut out and make your own insert

Free shipping on $50+ order, anywhere in the US when you order at

Store your mask at home or in the car

How to Wash and Care For Mask

Wash in warm water

They come already pre-shrunk but can shrink in the dryer so air drying is recommended

Hand wash in warm soapy water for at least 20 minutes

Manufactured with plenty of stretch in the trim and ear loops to fit snugly and comfortably around your face

Won’t slip down or fall off

Can stretch out the ear loops and trim to provide a secure fit that’s not too tight

Contact Customer Service


1457 Kelly Road #112

Apex, NC  27502


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