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Healthsun customers that have received their OTC card in the mail will need to activate it before using it.  The HealthSun NationsBenefits activation website is where users will visit first to activate their card online then register for an online account.  Registering for an online account allows users the option to manage their account online.

How to Activate HealthSun NationsBenefits Card

If you’ve received your OTC card in the mail and you’re ready to get started using it the first step is to activate the card.  Here are some details on how to do that: activate

Enter your following information:

  • 16 digit card number
  • Expiration date in month year format
  • Member date of birth
  • Member last name
  • Click the Activate Card button

Register for HealthSun NationsBenefits Account

After you’ve gone through the activation steps at activate the next step is to register for an online account.  The NationsBenefits website provides users a service that allows them to shop for brand name and generic products, receiving no cost shipping, and manage their card online.

  • Visit
  • Click the Register button

  • Enter your Member ID
  • Click the Continue button

Continue on with the rest of the registration process that will require you to create a password and setup your security info.  

How to Contact NationsBenefits Customer Service

If you need to speak with someone in the customer service department you can call their toll free number:

Call 1-866-413-2582

24 hours a day 7 days a week

Write to:

NationsBenefits, LLC

1801 NW 66th Ave., Suite 100

Plantation, FL  33313

Who is HealthSun?

HealthSun is proud to be the only Medicare Advantage Plan in Florida awarded five-stars, six years in a row.

Featuring benefits with copays as low as $0 and peace of mind for South Florida Medicare beneficiaries. And because we’re a five-star plan, you can enroll year-round.

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What is HealthSun Health Plans?

HealthSun Health Plans is an HMO for people with Medicare. The Medicare program pays us to manage health services for people with Medicare who are members of HealthSun Health Plans. HealthSun Health Plans is not a Medicare supplement policy.  Remember to activate your OTC card at activate.

Since HealthSun Health Plans is a Medicare HMO, this means that you will be getting most or all of your health services from the doctors, hospitals, and other health providers that are part of HealthSun Health Plans (“network providers”). Since these doctors, hospitals, and other providers are the ones we are paying to provide your care, they are the ones you must use (except in special situations such as emergencies).

Why Choose HealthSun?

We cover Medicare Part A, Part B and Part D, and offer copays as low as $0 for:

  • primary care & specialist visits
  • prescription drugs
  • comprehensive dental
  • vision & hearing

Other Benefits Offered

  • Medicare Part B Premium Reimbursement ¹
  • Monthly Allowance for Healthy Groceries †
  • Monthly Allowance for OTC Items*
  • Hospitalizations
  • Pain Management – PRP therapy
  • Therapeutic Massages
  • Monthly Healthy Meals Program
  • Unlimited Transportation

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